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The excellent documentary film "Yasuni: Two Seconds for Life" is now complete and ready to be shown in theatres worldwide.  This real-life Avatar depicts the grave threat to the Ecuadorian Amazon of the most precious, biodiverse rainforest and indigenous habitat in the world by oil drilling and associated pollution and deforestation.  A bold proposal brought forward by the government of Ecuador inviting the international community to match funds to keep the oil in the ground in terms of potential lost revenues could provide the needed impetus to save the rainforest, but time is running out before the government withdraws its offer by the end of 2011.  Funds will be needed both to get the film out there to theatres worldwide this year and to begin collecting those moneys required to reverse the killing of Mother Earth and its remaining indigenous peoples and to create a new, sustainable future for us all.


Video presented at the United Nations, 10-10-10

(an Eleventh Hour Appeal for a Truly Sustainable Future)

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Sustainability & Clean Energy - Part 1


Sustainability & Clean Energy - Part 2


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