A Call to Arms: (not the explosive kind)

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., copyright June, 2005

I post the following essay in the spirit of a global revolution in our collective thought and intention which must take place to nurture the visions of sustainability, peace, and new energy. I do this with some remorse towards those with moderate or incremental views, and with the following cautions: I am of Irish descent and have fire in my belly for the atrocities and suppressions committed in my name, as a citizen of the United States of America, crimes of both commission (illegal wars, deficit spending and election fraud, for example) and omission (neglect of environment, health and new energy, for example). At risk of offending moderates, I depart from my normal sense of diplomacy to declare “The emperor wears no clothes!” I declare that the repressive oligarchy of my own country of the past decades culminating with the policies of the Bush administration can no longer be trusted to control our collective futures. I declare this from fifty years of experience with academic, industrial and governmental systems. I do not take my outburst lightly. There needs to be a public outcry if we have any hope for peaceful change. I also invite feedback from moderates, who may or may not agree .

Since the beginning of time, humans have faced the ravages of war, political corruption and ignorance. But never before in history are we so poised on the brink of planetary ecocide. Those in charge have gotten away with the most massive show of greed and aggression the world has ever known. These misguided “leaders” have no interest in nurturing the true visions of planetary sustainability. They have seized our collective sovereignty and are creating an illusory war footing pre-empting any kind of global transformation needed for our own survival.

Sadly, the rest of us have allowed that to happen.

Lemming-like, we are poised on the cliff-top seemingly wanting to fall and perish rather than to face the truth of the deceptions of our enemies, both from within (complacence) and without (both the terrorists and our policymakers).

One significant force is the disproportionate influence of those with wealth and power. This dynamic again suggests we may need to have another revolution such as those experienced in America, France and Russia in past times. I’m sure most of us pray for a peaceful transition in the revolution coming.

Most of these reckless warmongers in charge sadly come from my country of birth (the USA), and many of our citizens have fallen asleep about all that. I am deeply sorry for this condition and wish I could have done more about it earlier. I had marched on Washington reporting to the White House staff my outrage about their secret invasion of Cambodia in 1970. But I still hadn’t learned my lesson of political revolution: that we must sustain our protest, articulate alternative views and massively mobilize--not just come out one day to demonstrate against a war.

I reluctantly conclude that the old ways won't work. We must now step outside the box of our collective mendacity and create a peaceful revolution, to pull out all the stops, to open up to solutions. We must shift our focus away from the destructive follies of the leaders of the American Empire and their corporate cronies, as well as those who try to violently disrupt them. We cannot any longer tolerate their conquest for oil, their weaponization of space, their slaughter of innocents, their privatization of nonrenewable resources, their rape of a global environment in its eleventh hour of stability and nurture, their obscene defense budgets, their nuclear saber-rattling, their outrageous lies, their suppression and secrecy, their robbery of the public treasury, their briberies, their tortures and assassinations, their fixed elections, their accelerated massing of scarce resources, and their total disregard for the dignity of humans and nature and our collective future. That is not government, that is not in the interests of the people. It is a diversion to fascism.

And perhaps their greatest crime is their denial of international cooperation necessary to reverse global climate change and the gathering war machine. I wish the leaders could just apologize and step aside and help us make the necessary changes. My 2003 war protest placard had said, “Exile Saddam, exile Bush et al.” My 2005 placard might read, “Go for the oil (snort) and pray for the rapture.”

We cannot any longer allow the excesses of polarized forces to lead us into the abyss.

"Give me liberty or give me death" were Patrick Henry's stirring words during the American Revolution. I repeat those words in a somewhat new manner: "Give me liberty, give me global sustainability, give me peace, or give me death." For my own coming physical death (which I do hope will be natural) will be nothing compared to the premature death of all life if we cross the perilous threshold awaiting us by continuing to allow criminal ecocide and total war--all to serve the interests of a controlling elite.

We must awaken to new ideas on a global scale. We must look the Empire in the eye and collectively say, "No, we won't play your game any more. We do not recognize you as our legitimate government." The fall of the American (and British) empires must lead to an entirely new form of global governance. We do not have the luxury of time on this one. We must now step outside the box and let new ideas guide us. We can either create a renaissance or a disaster. The oil age is ending, let’s get on with innovating.

The 2004 American election was a fraudulent sham, the final stages of the conversion to a totalitarian oligarchy aided and abetted by the sheepish cooperation of academe, corporations, media, Democrats and all the rest with a vested interest in money and position. American-controlled excesses have gone much too far, in the overwhelming majority of opinion in the world. Our political leaders are principally responsible for record national and personal debt, and the negative trade balance, which are rapidly devaluing both our currency and our respect in the world.

The January 2005 Bush inauguration/coronation/corporate pigout was a prime example of what so many former U.S. presidents had warned against, and stands in stark contrast to what needs to be done to save our planet. The $40 million blown for this event, while people are blown up in Iraq and need help in South Asia, is obscene. Kenny Lay’s inaugural ball at the height of Enron’s deceptions after the president’s selection (not election) in 2000 was comparable. This latest coronation recalls that of Napoleon 201 years ago in Notre Dame. It went over-the-top as the corporatocracy’s not-so-subtle position as the ultimate gluttons. Have these people no shame or compassion?

Compare this to Jimmy Carter’s 1977 inauguration at $1 a head for peanuts, crackers and a cash bar. The 2005 inaugural galas symbolize the ultimate gluttony, pride before the fall, for example 400 pounds of lobster served at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the $20,000 spent for yellow roses at the Ritz Carlton in Washinton, D.C., where 9 per cent of the 2004 vote went for Bush/Cheney.

Mr. President, I amneither with you nor with the terrorists. For almost 65 years I have been a law-abiding American citizen. I do not recognize you as my leader. I do not recognize the media’s dubbing of you as president because you are not lawfully one. I in no way support the implication that the “United States” is your domain or that of your accomplices; it has been too debased for me to have any identity with that. How can I conclude you serve me as the nation’s highest officer, who is so destructive of life and liberty? In fact, many of us are distraught by your banal absolutes, your attacks on the environment, on our health and on our economic viability. All this is disgraceful, disgusting and you and yours must leave office. The corporate takeover of our precious republic and planet must end. Soon after his re-election, the Watergate scandal forced Richard Nixon to leave office. We ask you to show the same respect for our fellow Americans, as your scandals unfurl.

And, Mr. President and collegues, I am not a terrorist. You seem to want to suppress the new energy leaders and other pioneers of our time, to kill our soldiers, to kill Iraqis and other innocents of the world. You and yours are creating enormous karma in these nefarious acts. You and yours are already war criminals who must be tried by court systems throughout the world, courts that you refuse to acknowledge, unless you negotiate immunity by humbly leaving power and transferring it to responsible policymakers..

What remains to be determined is how we can restore humanitarian principles for our collective survival, and do it with love and compassion. New energy lies at the very core of the needed changes. We are encouraged enough with the wide range of cold fusion and vacuum energy results to band together as a people to support the needed research and development to make new energy a reality. It is clear these developments are perceived as a threat to the prevailing powers. We must find ingenious ways to develop and distribute this technology before it’s too late. We must offer the people choices of energy sources that are feasible, cheap, clean, safe, decentralized and publicly transparent. I am convinced we can end this nightmare of war and pollution.

The basis of my convictions is years of research and visits to the innovators of new energy and other breakthrough concepts leading to global sustainability. These ideas have been hidden from public view for more than a century, since Tesla’s times. I have concluded that all we need to do is to support the research and development of these technologies under responsible stewardship. I have also concluded that we have no choice but to do that, given our grim planetary prognosis.

But I also look at the Democrats, and what a sorry place to be (with all due apologies to Democrats; I, too, voted for Kerry in the latest election). To most of you Democrats, I ask, “Where is your courage? Where were you when the Iraq war vote was cast? Where are you when we speak of new energy? Where's your fighting spirit? How do you and the media explain, when made aware of the recent Ukrainian electoral fraud, your own immediate capitulation in the recent U.S. elections? Where were you when your defeat was all but secured by the (unmentionable) frauds of the recent elections? How can you apply a double standard to exit poll data in the two countries?”

We might as well pronounce the American Democracy dead. Repeated warnings by former American presidents have gone unheeded in this time (quotes are in Re-Inheriting the Earth). I say to you, Democratic leaders, the "loyal opposition" you espouse towards this now-fascist state (which “rules” the world), and what’s left of American journalism, have sadly aided and abetted this charade, lubricated by your corporate money and complacent hubris. You too are the fat cats. I look at none of you for new leadership. It is for these reasons I passed up the opportunity to brief candidate John Kerry about new energy. Why bother? Because the result would have been the same as in conventional American thinking: we cannot rock the boat of mainstream corporate agendas. I’ve been at this for forty years and it doesn’t work. New energy, new science, consciousness and the possible presence of off-planet cultures have already been deemed non-credible and conspiratorial in the conventional wisdom as well as in fundamentalist theology. Even leading environmentalists and progressive thinkers have not embraced these new possibilities.

We must start afresh. American politics has not only escaped reality, it has become the greatest obstacle to global sustainability, freedom and innovation. Iraqis defending their homeland don't hold a candle to the official violence of American and profit-centered war criminals, Republican or Democratic. Yet at the same time I do not want to offend the sincerity of members of the New Energy Movement or any other concerned citizen of our planet. I’m only saying that we will not be able to achieve our goals without a basically radical (meaning, going to the roots) change in our perspectives, and the traditional political and corporate arenas are not where it can or will happen.

The real issues have slipped away from us: poverty, clean energy, environmental and economic sustainability, peace on Earth and in space, human rights. And there are answers, given only lip service but no sincere initiatives. New energy leads the pack, fomenting the greatest technological revolution of all time. Yet we all know that the prevailing governmental or corporate powers have never wanted this. There’s little money or central power in fostering this revolution. Yet it must happen for our own survival. And so we need to form coalitions outside the system, to take worldwide actions to oversee the needed R&D and to hold responsible those who have betrayed the public trust.

New water, forestry and agricultural concepts also wait in the wings for their opportunity to create a peaceful and sustainable future for us all. But we must insist on this...or we all die. How many more martyrs do we need to see go to the gallows to awaken us to this fact? Zero (I hope)? One? (if so, I'd be happy to be that person). 100? 1500 U.S. soldiers? 100,000 Iraqi civilians? 200,000 Asians unprepared for the devastating 2004 tsunami? 1 million Iraqi or Somalian children? 500 million orphans worldwide? 1 billion without adequate water? 6 billion? All life on the planet?

Yet since the time of Tesla one century ago, we are both closer yet ironically further away from our goal of new energy. Closer because the technology is now well along; the Wright brothers have already flown on this one many times over, in terms of proof of concept. But we are farther because these ideas have been systematically suppressed by the powers-that-be. Most of us are in denial about our overconsumption of nonrenewable resources. We seem to prefer plunging over the lemming-cliff without so much as a thought about the rocks below. And all we need to do is to do our R&D freely and transparently, a job that should have been done by the U.S. Department of Energy, which seems to be more interested in nukes and “clean coal.” We must transcend that repressive consciousness which has so steadfastly and for so long held sway over us, while we vainly try this or that rearrangement of the Titanic deck chairs.

The old ways won't work. Appealing to genteel, progressive intellectuals, whose mental musings are valid but getting us nowhere, or to the much-duped and brainwashed American people, won’t work. Yet the common people of the world can unite and arise against this great tyranny. These movements are beginning to gain political power in Latin America.

We must re-invigorate the global community with new ideas. A leading neo-con Allan Bloom said, "The greatest tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities."That is true. Our obstacles are not technical, they are based on human greed which suppresses new energy and “other possibilities.” In our president’s new war on tyranny he will need to look in the mirror. At some level we know what to do. We need a revolution built on coalitions of those who not only believe in progressive causes but who believe in the sanctity of life and that wisely-chosen innovations can help us create a new global agenda, a new prosperity for us all.

Meanwhile, we must sidestep the American government such as it is, we must vigorously oppose its neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies. Bearing in mind the Bush administration was not legitimately elected on both occasions, it is easy for us to not recognize the U.S. government as legitimate either. The U.S. has been hijacked by unlawful warmongering polluters. What the media and others call the “U.S.” then is not the U.S. at all. Our “president” is not president, but merely an actor playing a role in the service of fear and greed. We must sidestep corporate power lubricating this criminally suppressive machine. We must open ourselves to the new solutions undistracted by the seething deceit and lies of our leaders and their media and academic mouthpieces. We must take back our power, forgive and move on. Let’s coalesce with decent humans worldwide, the workers, the grass roots, to insist on a stable, sustainable future for the planet. We must network our agenda all over the world with those who have a sympathetic ear until we gain the support of most sensible people.

Let us finally cast off the heavy yoke of tyranny under which we have endured for so long. Let us invite courageous world leaders and rise up in a revolution for new energy and for a real peace on Earth and in space.

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