Comments from guests in the Montesueños log book:

"Staying with Meredith and Brian in Montesueños was the highlight of our South American trip. Thank you for your hospitality and for putting together so much beauty and warmth in your magical place." -Sergio Lub, Napa, CA, 8/4/06

"Montesueños is a place built with the soul of artists. It has the spirit of peace that blends with the magical qualities of Vilcabamba." -Charles Feil, international photographer, Bisbee, AZ, 8/4/06

"Montesueños is a masterpiece of creativity. Every room is uniquely different. Beautiful original art and photographs throughout. Outside an extravaganza of floral variety accompanies you as you view the mountains that cradle the sacred valley below...a veritable vortex for new energy, truth and universal peace." -Sam Butler, San Jose, Costa Rica, 12/17/06

"Thank you for the wonderful time we spent with you in your unique, artistic, comfortable home and Center, surrounded by pretty gardens and lovely pathways, and crowned by the majestic waterfall. It is surely a magical and powerful space created by your planning, determination, patience, and holding the vision for all this time." -Karen Butler, San Jose, Costa Rica, 12/7/06

"Thank you again for the magical time we spent with you at beautiful Montesueños. I really enjoyed the beauty of your home as well as the mountains that surround you…this is truly a paradise!" -Rosemary Zitek, San Jose, Costa Rica, 12/7/06

"Your house is an obvious reflection of both of you, revelaing your wonderful energy and passions…an evolving work of art and life…hard not to be caught up in its many secret places and in your dreams. Having traveled to over 40 countries, I was surprised to find myself enamored with Ecuador…the short visit with you was not only delightful but memorable." -Barbi Reed, 2/13/07

"No trained architect or builder could top what you've accomplished. You truly listened to your hearts and spirits and the exercise speaks for itself." -Jeff L., architect, Dallas, TX, 2/25/07

"Montesueños is a fusion of mind, heart and spirit! Beautiful and inspiring. It is becoming a valuable resource for opening to new dimensions of understanding." -Dr. Will Tuttle, author, The World Peace Diet, 4/07

"Your spectacular place with grand possibilities never left our hearts. We truly enjoyed visiting with you." -Madeleine Tuttle, 4/07

"Your place is so wonderful. Meredith, it is your massive sculpture, isn't it? What a wonderful memory of the repast we enjoyed together. Thank you!" -Rev. Joel Baehr, Mesa, AZ, 4/07

"You've done a magnificent job, It is one of the most creative buildings on the planet. I look forward to participating in many exciting seminars there." -Eleanor LeCain, Washington, D.C., 4/07

"WOW! AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! No one word can describe Montesueños. You have to stay here to get the full feeling, surroundings and serenity. I have never relaxed this much in my life! Waking up to the smell of flowers, sunshine, tranquil rains, butterflies, I slept like a baby!! Great jazz piano playing, great food, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, great fires in the fireplaces, gatherings and meeting people…This is Paradise!" -Jack Kaplan, Roswell, GA, 4/22/07

"Nowhere, but no where, have I experienced such a special place! One's eyes are drawn from one detail to another quickly creating a special and unique connectivity with the hosts and the elements, all combining into something that expands beyond the limits of three dimensions." -Douglas Rutherford, Topeka, 4/22/07

"Yet another wonderful stay at Montesueños. When I sleep here I hear sweet music in my mind, and wake up thinking, 'wow, where did that come from?' Really! There's something wonderful about the energy here, something that we all want to have more of that you've manifested through your work." -Eric Salter, Cuenca, EC, 5/2/07

"Finally a place in the world where you can kick back and relax in order to quietly think about the solutions to the planet's quandaries. A well-prepared environment that will help many to see the light in a light way, and hopefully thus create a vortex of real change. Perfect soil for the growth of positive ideas…inspiring.." -Leonardo Wild, Tumbaco, EC, 7/14/07

"Our stay was like a breath of fresh air, like a happy, gurgling, sparkling cascade of water-refreshing, renewing. A colorful array of nature's gifts and human effort and love…Fairies and nature spirits can visit the beautiful gardens…inspirational!" -Danica Wild, Quito, EC 7/14/07

"It is so beautiful and peaceful at your place, you can almost touch the green, misty Andes…the artistic, architectural and botanical touches are incomparably relaxing while inviting in an energetic and creative spirit." -Mary O'Donnell, Plymouth, MA, 11/18/07

"A photographer's paradise…With the hosts, we had conversations that ranged the universe— most frequently, ways we can collaborate in ushering in a world of peace and sustainability."
-Norie Huddle and Richard Wheeler, Harpers Ferry, WV, 11/18/07

"Thank you for receiving us! We had a great conversation and we will make our dreams come true. In the name of directing people to connect with their essence and live in harmony with the Earth, I will keep working toward my goals. Your place is very nice and peaceful!" -Peter and Sandra, 1/4/08

"What a mystical magical place! " Greg Caton, 1/13/08

"What a blessing…an inspiration to never be forgotten. Meeting you has been one of the best experiences I've had, you are unique. To think that you are here in Ecuador will definitely change my life. I have been waiting for this safe haven for so long." -Andrea Fernandez-Salvador, 1/13/08

"This is a dream come true! Ever since 1999 when I first heard of you and your book Miracle in the Void, it became a goal that I will some day reach here. Meeting you and your wife now has a higher meaning. A purpose in this lifetime so that we together be able to work for a beter world…Ecuador is an awesome place, prodigious and for selected people like you... May the universe grant you both with all the love and peace you greatly desire." -Lucia Vallarino, 1/13/08

"What a beautiful dream is to live in your dreams. And that is wahat happened to me during my stay in Montesueños. I dream a lot when I am awake, but not so much when I'm asleep, probably once every 3 or 5 months. It was very amazing to enjoy 5 nights filled with great and peaceful dreams….I do think this place is magical, such as the host couple. Brian and Meredith have turned their dream into a unique experience." -Raul Hernandez, 4/08

"Thank you for receiving us! We had a great conversation and we will make our desires come true…your place is very nice and peaceful. Thank you!" -Pilar, 4/08

"You lovely couple of humans… I loved to stay with you this week. This is a magical place. Your work into the growing human consciousnesness had inspired me to continue to search for the truth for all the world." -Oswaldo Osorno, 6/16/08

"This is one of the most magical and inspirational places have ever been…it has been wonderful to know you both." -Chris Shaw, 6/16/08

"Thanks for your hospitality, good vibes, graciousness, nesting desires, vision and willingness to crete a space for the eagles and condors together into a harmonious space for Ecuador and the world." -Bob Banner, 6/16/08

"Thank you Mer and Brian for hosting our Phoenix Gathering! I absolutely love your evolving organic, artful home. It was such an honor to be part of this first retreat event in your venue. It was a pleasure to be here in this beautiful place with such gracious hosts." -Richard Moore, 6/16/08

"At Montesueños, dreaming of Mother Earth reborn, greener than ever…" -Virginia Igonda, 6/16/08

"To see you again alive and well and surviving and flourishing in the Andes is a treat to my heart! You are both special to me, as we have shared so much! I am still in awe of your Fairy House and in wonder that you completed such a work of art…a unique one-of-a-kind castle, in the best location in Ecuador, with mountain vistas everywhere. With the love of your Luna cat and your "greatest dog in Ecuador" Seda by your sides…life is good and filled with wonderful expectations and being able to exist comfortably with what you've got. You're both OK and it is enough…I salute you and congratulate you both! Life is good in these mountains ." -Bob Neal, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, 9/22/08

"High in the cloud kingdom of Ecuador live a magical couple who create a dream of peace, unity, joy and love. Through the long ages they have awaited this opportunity to express their vision of enlightened architecture, symbolic interiors, ecstatic art, poetry and prose, fairy gardens and enchanted living. We have relished our visit to their hearts lived large. We have been immersed in their vision of sustainability. We have shared unconditional love…and how bright the light!" -Ashleea Neilson, 9/22/08

"We arrived in the dark and rose with the mountain light and clouds. We've met dear friends here and celebrated a birthday. Montesueños is a doorway and an invitation to begin a new path. We are grateful for all of you, this place and for the coming times ahead." Much love, Susan and Sven

"Beloved Ones Brian and Meredith- Thank you with all my heart for the great blessings of being here in this lovely sanctuary...It has been a nurturing refuge for me. Enjoy the garden—it was my great joy to create and my joy knowing you'll continue to benefit. With deep profound gratitude,." --Grace Somers, Mt. Shasta, CA, 2/09

"Thanks for providing the fine space and focus for so much good energy." -Love and Blessings, Donald

"You have dreamed a wonderful dream Montesueños and the mountains are an awesome experience! Thank you for such a nurturing and wonderful stay, it's been so inspiring and life changing! May the sacred space nurture many hearts. You are true architects of a 'New World.' Keep dreaming the dream! Love and Blessings of the One Heart." -Rob Underhill, Wales, U.K., March '09

"You would have to die and go to heaven for better views than here. Your suggestions and guidance make for a very successful trip, one that may have resulted in a land purchase. "

" I can hardly express our thanks for your friendship, hospitality and wisdom! I already feel like we will be coming "home" soon! We will follow our hearts and return for another part of our adventure in living." - Niki

"Trekking Peru and Ecuador. This is the best and most beautiful we've encountered. Thank you." -Joe, David and Megan

"Come to Montesueños and open your eyes. The love that is in Brian and Meredith and has constructed this place is in all of us and is hoping to create this same experience of love throughout the world and is our responsibility. So let's get to work!" -Julia French April 2009

"A more beautiful retreat I could not imagine—what a great pleasure and joy to awake each day surrounded by such natural beauty and "applied creativity"! Brian and Meredith, you are truly inspirational to all that find their way to this tranquil valley. This has been a week of clarity, connection and transformation and I look forward to our return. Thank you." - Jack Crompton, 4/19/09

"Here, heaven meets Earth--with Brian and Meredith our outstanding hosts." -anonymous, April 2009

"Thank you for an extraordinary and memorable experience at your magical Montesueños. We appreciate your warm hospitality!" -Carmen and Norman

"Your place is magical! I am so happy for you both to have found this paradise. Continue with your wonderful life of giving and sharing. With love." - C. 4/20/09

"I wish to thank you for the experience of being here, meeting you, having great conversations (both with you and with all the animals and plants) and the music, the art, everything." -Sue Terry, 4/09

"Congratulations! On your wonderful creation—built step by step and inspiration by inspiration. The conference was wonderful, the hospitality warm and generous, and a setting insuperable. Its energy flows out to the variety of people far and wide. What a boost to the mind and soul to have been here with you. Your 'mountain of dreams' is now a reality." -Paul Von Ward, 5/13/09

"Thank you for sharing your little piece of Paradise with me. You are all phenomenal and will reside in my heart forever." -Jan Crowe, Santa Rosa, CA, 5/7/09

"It's been a lovely experience, being here with you in your beautiful spiritual place." -Patricia, Tucson, AZ, 5/7/09

"Thank you for inviting me into your home. We are so blessed for this time together and all of those to come…your Light in bringing so many wonderful beings together." -Molly Oldham, 5/10/09

"Thank you for doing what you do. Your home is amazing, the serenity and peacefulness are unbelievable. We thank you for an information conference and all your guest speakers were excellent. With much love and gratitude," -Reenie and Greg Esterlund, 5/10/09

"Thank you angels for inviting us into your hearts and into your home. I felt the home feeling well before I arrived…I love you both deeply." -Tina Braddock, 5/10/09

"I was just looking over your website and said, 'Why aren't we living our vision like this?' You guys have pulled off such an amazing venture and your commitment to beauty is unsurpassed. It brings tears to my eyes to read your words and those of your visitors and to see what you have done in such a period of time. Beautiful beyond words…and against so many odds…you have done what what others fear to tread…" -Stephanie Sutton, 6/09

"What a delightful and restful stay we had at Montesueños. Your house and grounds are magical and provide just wonderful energy. God willing, I'll be a neighbor of yours " -Dr. Dan Wagner, Pittsburgh, PA
" Once again thank you—we carry this place in our hearts." -Danica, Miranda, Sebastian and Andrew Wild, Tumbaco, EC.

"A dream brought me here, and my wonderful stay at Montesueños has been tremendously uplifting. These days and nights spent in this harmonious atmosphere, combined with timely, stimulating conversation, are now in me and will positively affect my life from this point forward. Blessings to you both as well as your wonderful staff." -John Parton, Boise, ID 9/09

"Thank you for wonderful conversations on life and an opening to being custodians of consciousness. When we arrived at Montesueõs, Pierre and I were brought to tears from the powerful love energy we felt—we now return to our home in Quebec with our hearts filled. -Joanne Mantha

"It has been a great honor and pleasure to spend two days with you and staying in your unique boutique Montesueños, and meeting some like-minded people of high consciousness. Keep up with the good work and we will keep in touch." -Dr Alexander Yuan, Hong Kong, October 1, 2009

" The Best again! You have made us so happy, words in this journal cannot describe it! -Love, Jack Kaplan and Doug Rutherford, 11/15/09

"Brian, Meredith, Seda, Luna and Lappie- After a harrowing journey from Guayaquil, I feel the past week has been one of the best times I've spent in this incarnation. I feel rejuvenated, re-energized and more creative than ever. I look forward to my inevitable return and to begin a new chapter and a new dimension in space and time." -Love, Scott Comings, Dec. 20, 2009

"This place is exquisite and muy sagrando!! You have created a base for germinating the emerging planetary culture of peace, sustainability and shared abundance and I am dedicated to helping with this vast evolutionary effort and that many will draw inspiration from what you have initiated here." - Brightest blessings and love, Mark Comings, 12/20/09

"This has truly been the trip of a lifetime, the best part has just begun. Thank you so much for all your hospitality and wonderful friendship! You have really made me feel welcome and a part of the family here in beautiful Vilcabamba…may the force be with you!" -Love, David

"Such a profoundly magical place. When I arrived I wept, stayed up all night and wan't even tired, stayed up on the next night and I still wasn't tired. This has never happened to me! You are both wonderful, sweet and very interesting people and I am so grateful to have met you. You will see me again in about a year!" -Ned Davis

"Did I really spend a week in Montesueños? Do you and Meredith really exist? I feel like last week was a dream, a beautiful tranquil dream full of magical moments, humourous descussions and inspiring conversates. If I didn't have my photos and videos I might think it had been only in my imagination. But no, you are real, so is your beautiful home and gorgeous guest house, so too is Meredith and her extraordinary artistic talent which is evident in every nook and cranny of Montesueños. And equally so is the warm welcome, incredible generosity and caring exhibited not only by you and Mer, but also the wonderful staff you have attracted to you." -Pat Hyduk, 1/7/10

"Dear Brian, Mer and Crew (familia!)—Thank you so very much for the enriching and life-affirming experience and environment—hou have certainly accomplished the goal of creating a safe space for all to just be—and a lofty and magical goal it is! Please accept our sincerest thanks for your most humbling and wondrous gift, in gratitude and with affinity" -Georgi, PA, USA, 1/20/10

"This entire property is a major work of art by Meredith and Brian. I am honored and thrilled to have shared the serenity, intelligence, beauty and consciousness of their creation. God bless you both." -Love, Betty Wilkinson, 1/20/10

"To the Montesueños family, I have truly enjoyed my stay and have learned much as a result of coming to you and Vilcabamba. Good luck with your dream of creating an enlightened university setting." –Martin A. Jones

" Your hospitality has made us feel like family. You have created a mystical haven in a chaotic world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." –Evie Brandon
" Thank you for creating a sanctuary. This is truly a place to cure all weariness. I have drunk deeply of the beauty, magic, whimsy and tranquility. May this rain on all the seeds that you have planted in the world." -With love, Sarah and Emily Brightwood, Feb. 24, 2010

"Well, well, well, The life blood of the cosmos flows through you both. Accordingly, it flows through, nay permeates, every atom of this beautiful holographic reflection of yourselves and Vilcabamba!"
"There comes a time in ones life to reflect the joys of natural beauty. The time we spent there was that moment in time. (now!) Montesueños will be remembered as a place of peace. It was once said, "Imagine living life in peace." You two are on the right track, keep up the great work." -Love, Cyndy and Malcolm, Apr. 19, 2010

"We're all blessed to experience this amazing dream you both have been realizing. Thanks a lot for everything and we'll be back soon." -Peter, Feb. 2010

"Wow? What an incredible journey it has been. This will be a week to remember; it has certainly gone by much too fast. Montesueños indeed! What a dream and yet it's real. Somehow this place is blurring those distinctions and drawing me ever nearer to that which I have always known. And it leaves me with a deep sense of peace and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you both. You have filled me with so much inspiration that I feel I will be contagious, sharing unabashedly, that which you have shared with me. Who knows, maybe we will set the world a-fire with that love for everything that you so deeply have. It has been a great honor and a delightful pleasure, and I can't wait till next time." -Justin Gonzalez, 2/10/10

"Thank you for your bright eyes and big dreams and sweet caring hearts. I am amazed by the beauty of Montesueños and by your dedication to honor the beauty of the Earth." -With love and blessings, Yeshi, 4/2/10

"Thanks for the wonderful and relaxing stay! It was great to unwind in the new studio space, practice yoga and eat good food before heading back home!" -Candice, 5/8/10

""Thank you for how you both BE in this world. Your 'ripple effects' are felt and appreciated. May you be content and blessed." –Love and Light, Reatha Ryan, Seal Rock, OR, 5/8/10

"You have truly created an amazing space that sits between dimensions. The magic here is strong and I can't wait to experience it again! Thank you so much for letting me share time and space with you! You have been most kind and loving! Till we meet again". -Love always, Heather Campbell

"Creation is un-mistaken in appointing your guardians of Paradise! Here magic, splendor and awe abide. May you all stay well until we all meet again…as heaven is meeting Earth. The first day after Virginia had departed for her next adventure, I was already grieving the empty space her presence had so graciously and gracefully filled here at the Doves Nest with beauty, humor, nurturing and joy!" -Gina Palmer, San Diego, 5-23-10

"What an extraordinary place. Our stay wouldn't have been the same if we hadn't stayed at Montesueños. You are 'special' people. We hope to be back." - Jan

" A truly mind, body and soul shifting time here. We will be back…thank you for ALL you do." -Meredith Keaton, 5/28/10

"I will come back to this special special place, to the special experience, the special people who created it and gives of it so generously." -Lilian Keaton 5/28/10

"Let the tile run around and play freely with the adobe and driftwood. I have almost expected to get up and find it, having had new ideas, rearranged itself while I dreamed on at Montesueños. Love your vision." -Samagra

"Please do visit, please do stay if you need a respite from NYC come and visit." –Nancy and Geoffrey Boynton

"Vilcabamba, Montesueños, San Jose have each become words easily rolling off my tongue. Great food, exotic fruits, local coffee and healing teas now course through my body; gingerbread-mosaic buildings exude artistic care, details that flow with life forces. Mind, soul and spirit find nourishment at every turn, with every conversation, with every hug! Montesueños is a blessed place; you and your guests are blessed people, Vilcabamba is a well-deserved paradise! I'm grateful my wanderings brought me here." -Love and blessings, Daniel, 6-23-10

" My solar and lunar timings continue to manifest only the highest vibration of your dreams as you continue to co-create the magic on this sacred site. Many continued blessings! -Love, Judy

"We spotted a UFO tonight. The sighting was truly amazing, the UFO (red and white lights) traveled very quickly up and over the mountain. It was very high in the sky and over the mountains, then stopped in the sky and stayed in one spot as if it were warching us for about 15 minutes. Then in a flash it disappeared—completely! Wow, we are truly blessed to have seen it. –Reenie and Greg Esterlund, Aug. 5, 2010

"Yesterday I received a birthday card wishing me "unexpected blessings". I told Elena I wished to awaken on the morning of my 64th year at Montesueños under a Podocarpus sunrise. Your inspired design provided the setting for my most memorable birthday, nestled in the Andes, the most elegant of mountains. The unexpected blessings continued as we met with you and enjoyed an immediate heart connection and then with Brian. We are blessed to be "family" with you and co-adventurers on this awesome journey of joyful creation. Thank you for bringing unexpected blessings into our lives." -Stan and Elena

"Thank you so much for being here, in this magical place . I think this is not goodbye, but ust the beginning of our spirits connecting as one, and the joy we bring to each other. I will see you soon, all the love." -Marc, 9/1/10

"This place is magical—we've met wonderful people and will not forget this visit ever! It is our intention to return—we'll see what the Higher Realms want! May your healing take you to higher levels of health Dr. Brian—Meredith, your art and your home are Stunning!" -Heartfully, Janaki, 10/4/10

"Thank you for everything, I enjoyed it. This is a beautiful place and and blessed to have it! We hope to come back and you're first on our list." -Colina (Janaki's daughter), 10/4/10
"A wonderful stay in a truly wonderful place. Enjoy life!" -Paul and Maria Bierbauer, 10/12/10

" journeyed to Ecuador with no expectations or preconceived notions…it/s been amazing, wonderful, kind, inspirational and unforgettable. Life changing maybe—life enhancing without a doubt. It underlines what I know. It's made me stronger, and I thank the universe for that. There is so much more than we know… gratitude is immeasurable." –Rebecca and Wayne

"Thanks for a wonderful journey, we really enjoyed staying at Montesueños, your hospitality and care have been more than appreciated, thanks for making us feel like we were at a second home. We'll definitely be back." -Abrazos, Jose and Maria Andrea, 11/3/10

"I've sincerely had the best time here and have met the best people. Thanks for making my holiday perfect! I love what you made here and keep being the dream! Thanks for the magic!" -Maria Andrea
"What a glorious, precious stay. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation with us. We dearly look forward to next time!" -Love, April and Kaleb, 11/3/10

"Thank you for sharing the Dream. Your home is the art of nature blended with the One. Thank you for the gift." -Lanna Mingo, Denver, CO 12/13/10

"It was a wonderful weekend! Thank you for sharing this magnificent corner of the world with us." -Santiago Lopez, 1/2/11

" Like always, Montesueños was this weekend a place for transformation. Thank you for hosting us, our family, in this amazing 3D artwork where I brought my family to share. Lots of love and energy is starting year 2011 devoted to the rights of nature." -Happy New Year, Nati Greene, 1/2/11

"Thank you very much for the "incredible days"; this is a place that changed the way I see the world. I hope to see you again." -Cecilia de Greene, 1/2/11

"My stay at Montesueños has been full of Delight. I will forever remember and hold precious my experience ere in this most special sanctuary. Thank you again and again for who and what you are and your essential contribution to the glorious 3rd planet from the sun." -With deep love and gratitude, Ken Cadigan, 1/9/11

"Montesueños, a deeply spiritual place. The energy and wisdom gathered here will carry us through a wonderful 2011…Meredith and Brian thank you for making it happen!" -Patricio and Gizi
"I woke up saying, 'I died and went to heaven.' Constant gratitude and delight the whole while. I felt like I had entered a fairy-tale fable. May the blessing of this place expand to the whole world. -Love and Light, Sheila Blake, Houston, TX 1/9/11

"Thank you Mer and Brian, for all you have done, for all you do and all you will do in the future." –Shepherd Hendrix, 1-18-11

" Thank you so much for welcoming us into your beloved and beautiful space you so lovingly call Montesueños. You're both such wonderfully inspiring people, doing amazing things in and for this world. For this, we also thank you. You are both living proof that all my/our dreams, aspirations, plans, desires and manifestations can come true." -Matt and Ashley, 2-19-11

"Thank you both so much for opening your home and your hearts to us while we begin our journey toward a more enlightened and hopefully meaningful time in our gorgeous planet. From the moment we walked up unannounced, you have made us feel so welcomed and special. We hope to count you both as part of our extended family and partners in the quest for a more insightful and sustainable future." –Janira and Vernon, 2/11

"You two are amazing souls! We feel so blessed to come to your home in Montesueños to spend time with you. Montesueños is truly a mystical, spiritual place. We were originally en route to Peru, but after discovering Montesueños online we immediately changed our path and are so glad we did. Because there is so much world to see we usually don't return to a specific destination but that will not be the case with Montesueños—we will be back! Thank you again for everything you have done for us but more importantly for the world and our planet." –Mike and Raechel Swanson, B.C., Canada, 2/14/11

"What wonderful energy you both have expressed so well in all that you have created around you, it's food for the soul, an ongoing joy!" -Daniel, 2/21/11