Click here to watch Dr Brian O'Leary's speech at the New World Conference in Zurich

The above link gives my entire speech before the New World Conference in Zurich on July 12, 2009. The speech includes a sequential translation into German ably performed by Robert Fleischer. Also presenting on the same video now posted and during a break in my talk is whistleblower Henry Deacon's story, one of Project Camelot's witnesses who has come forward with testimony that he participated in a Black Op's project involving being repeatedly teleported to a Mars base occupied by humans and ETs. From meeting Henry, I have compassion and admiration for him as a human being and I recognize the very strong possibility that his story is accurate and true, in which case he's had great courage in coming forward with his story, and I also commend Bill Ryan and Project Camelot for helping in the process.

But I have no way to verify or invalidate his story. So our appearing together on stage does not mean I endorse his story. One of my creteria for establishing a truth is the branch of philosophy called epistemology, which addresses the question, how do we know what we know? I base my own evaluations on what can be scientifically verified. Since these whistleblower accounts cannot be scientifically verified, I withhold judgment and tend to weigh the evidence in favor of, for example, multiple experimental and massively witnessed proofs-of-concept of free energy technology, UFO observations, ET contact, and paranormal phenomena. Having already been rejected by my former materialistic scientific colleagues for being too "far out" it is a new role for me to be relatively grounded and to stick to my own efforts to present only those things with which I feel confidence in presenting, especially if these new technologies such as free energy currently not accepted by mainstream science can help us find a way out of the human destruction of the planet. Already straining my credibility in this way, it would be taking on a lot for me to step out even further by vetting stories (the same goes for velidating psychic predictions) which, upon further examination, may either prove or not prove out to be valid.