Montesueños: A center for peace, sustainability, the arts and new science.

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2011 events

We are delighted to announce a special event "The role of spirit to transform a world in crisis" we'll be hosting at Montesueños June 26 and 27 with Bill Ryan and Inelia Benz, as part of our ongoing series Crisis and Opportunity 2011.  Please read the logistics part of this announcement carefully if you'd like to attend, particularly if you want to stay with us at Montesueños as we have only a limited amount of rooms.  Write us at and consult if you'd like to stay here for a conference 5-day package. After checking with us, a deposit of $250 will hold your space.

Life has been moving here at a breathless pace, but moving it does, sometimes on timescales far shorter than we'd like.  I think we all feel the acceleration happening and the increasing momentum of both human destruction and our awakening to new possibilities like free energy.

I've recently been on several high-quality non-commercial interviews on with a number of kindred visionaries and the programs are well worth a listen. The May 20 broadcast (at 3 pm Pacific time) we just prerecorded with James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecies, is another dialogue that truly helps set the stage; if you miss this, it will be archived on David's website for free listening between May 20 and 27.

I've also been posting a series of essays on both my blog and website on free energy, systemic change and new governence. The postings about that and happenings will be even more frequent, so keep checking.




Crisis and Opportunity 2011

Consciousness, Energy and the Matrix of Personal and Global Reality: How we can Consciously Design our Personal and Collective Futures

Announcing a unique workshop-retreat at Montesueños-Vilcabamba, Jan. 16-21, 2011, with Jay Schumacher, Brian O'Leary, Caroline Willcock and Meredith Miller

"There is only one revolution tolerable to all (people), all societies, all political systems: revolution by design and invention." -Buckminster Fuller

"Know thyself and thou shall be free."

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

Montesueños is the perfect mountainside garden setting for a unique retreat that will celebrate and nourish solutions rather than problems. Our intent is for participants to become more effective agents of personal and planetary transformation.

We find ourselves in the (twenty) eleventh hour of humanity's personal fragmentation, cultural violence and environmental decay. While this is indeed a profound crisis, we have before us unprecedented opportunities to begin anew in spite of it all. And time is of the essence!

We as individuals, and the civilization we have created, lose direction when immersed in distracting and unfocused activities that sap personal integrity, creativity, joy and collaborative potential. Lost in the cacophony of conflicting agendas, we and our society need to regain a sense of vision.

As a workshop participant, you will receive clear, concise and comprehensive tools that empower you to shift your personal reality and regain your vision, which will shift the collective reality of our group and, by the principles of physics, our society and civilization at large.

This experiment in co-facilitation will blend the talents of two accomplished teachers of consciousness along with their equally talented wives. Jay Schumacher, master hypnotherapist, transformational life and business coach, re-educator of the mind and spiritual counselor, will work with the depths of each participant's personal reality using proven tools, such as:

· How to take personal inventories and watch our minds;
· How to easily drop into deep states of consciousness as well as how to use such states for highly beneficial purposes;
· How to shift ourselves from a focus on survival to one on creation;
· How to shift a life driven by the "veil of illusion" (e.g., bottom line, vanity, avoidance, approval and convenience) to one focused on self-healing and effective action in the community, nation and planet;
· How to use the power of intention to create miracles of change; and
· How to team up with kindred souls to produce synergistic results for groups and society.

Caroline Willcock will teach breathing and yoga exercises during the workshop as well as facilitate smaller groups during breakouts or individuals having special needs. Meredith will take us on a visual journey through fifty years as a full-time artist and will lead a tour of her and Brian's three-dimensional canvas Montesueños as an example of a consciously evolving design process.

Dr. Brian O'Leary, internationally known scientist, practical visionary, longtime teacher, author and researcher of consciousness science, new energy technologies and transformational psychology, will lead the group in asking the questions:

· What are the design requirements for a peaceful, sustainable and just world?
· What is the scientific evidence for consciousness and the power of the mind to produce physically tangible outcomes?
· What kind of world do you want?
· What's your part in co-creating that?
· What are the relative roles of altruism and personal gain in your co-creation?
· What's your commitment, knowing that the universe rewards action?

To assist us in our journey through individual and collective consciousness, we will explore:

· What is consciousness and how can a deeper understanding empower each of us to become designers of a new paradigm;
· Personal stories of how synchronicities and positive changes happen when we're conscious;
· Scientific evidence (e.g., quantum mechanics, remote healing) that our intention and consciousness can heal ourselves and our world;
· Skype teleconferences with inspirational leaders of personal and planetary transformation.

This unprecedented workshop will be an in-depth experience for all of us, its intent to support our selves and one another in self-awareness and correct action. We can heal our bodies, our lives and our planet.

Tuition for nonresidents of Montesueños is $450 with optional $50 surcharge for five delicious natural afternoon meals. For guests of Montesueños, tuition plus artistic accomodations with private bath and meals are $950, $50 additional for single rooms. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will hold your space for the workshop, $300 will hold your space for the workshop with accomodations at Montesueños for six nights and five days of meals. The balance is due in cash on or before the first day of the retreat. This will be an intensive (fun and relaxing too!) workshop where all participants should be available from Sunday January 16 at 8 pm until 3 pm on Friday January 21, which allows attendees to connect by air between Quito and Loja on both days. Airline, accomodations and workshop space are limited, so it is strongly advised you make your reservations and deposits well before Dec. 15. Information about logistics getting to Montesueños is available here. Write us at with further questions and special needs associated with accomodations at Montesueños and/or about the conference.



2010 events

Crisis and opportunity 2010: An Innovator's Symposium

Truly sustainable Solutions for Ecuador and the World

Montesueños-Vilcabamba, August 14-17, 2010

Join us for what will be an unprecedented happening for Southern Ecuador, including leading innovators, entrepreneurs, NGOs and government people dedicated to saving the precious environment of Ecuador and the planet.

Saturday, August 14

1:00 Registration

2:00 Opening indigenous ceremony

2:30 Introduction by Dr. Brian O'Leary

3:00 The Yasuni-ITT Initiative to keep the oil in the ground, Leonardo Wild and Tarsicio Granizo (invited)

4:00 Presentation by government and/or indigenous representatives, possible panel discussion

5:00 Dinner served by Master Chef Yasu

6:30 Showing of "Yasuni: Two Seconds of Life" Film by Director Leonardo Wild


Sunday, August 15

9:30 Registration

10:00 Brian O'Leary "The Ecuador Initiative: How Innovation can save the Rainforest and Highlands"

10:30 Skype chat with Sacha Stone, director of Humanitad, the Green 2.0 and Exemplar Zero Initiatives

11:00 Nati Greene, Pachamama Alliance, Ecuadorian Government and NGO environmental initiatives

12:00 Lunch served by Master Chef Yasu

1:30 Pachamama Alliance, award-winning multi-media "Awakening the Dreamer Symposium"

5:30 Break (dinner on your own)

7:00 Showing of "Crude", a film depicting the Chevron-Texaco oil spill in Ecuador


Monday, August 16

9:30 Registration

10:00 Skype chat with Gunter Pauli on The Blue Economy and regenerating rainforests

11:00 Panel discussion on rainforest regeneration with experts from Quito

12:00 Lunch served by Master Chef Yasu

1:30 Waste management, water and energy systems: Larry Wilhelm, Leonardo Wild and Peter Keller

3:30 Break

4:00 "The Energy Solution Revolution" Brian O'Leary and Skype chat with premier inventor David Yurth

5:00 Break (dinner on your own) 7:00 Showing of Oliver Stone's just released film "South of the Border" on South American politics


Tuesday, August 17

9:30 Registration

10:00 Introduction to Vilcabamba issues

10:20 "Implementing breakthrough sustainable technologies," Joel Segurola and Dr. Dan Ecklund

11:00 "Waste management and reforestation in Vilcabamba," Jaime Santin, Larry Wilhelm

12:00 Lunch served by Master Chef Yasu 1:30 Vilcabamba issues: panel and general discussion with Jaime Santin, Joel Segurola and Susan Davis

3:15 Showing of film "Water: the Great Mystery"

5:00 Conference adjourns


Registration: Tuition for the conference is $35 each day, payable in cash at the door. A special four-day rate is $120. Please register no later than Thursday, August 12 in order to have an accurate head count for meals. You can register by writing us at Note that your tuition will defray the travel expenses of some of the presenters as well as for the delicious food.

Come celebrate with us what promises to be an action-inducing gathering dedicated to the Earth.

Click here to download the PDF of the program schedule.



Montesuenos Hills

Transforming the Dreamer
Retreat Workshop with Terry Tillman and Brian O’Leary

Where: Montesueños Eco-Retreat in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, and the Amazon jungle near Zamora
When: Friday, March 19, at 8 pm through Tuesday, March 23, at 2 pm

Deepen your intention, commitment and effectiveness as an agent of positive change.

Many of us want to create a peaceful, sustainable and just world. Echoing the rhetoric of U.S. President Obama, we yearn for positive social change. Yet that’s clearly not happening; instead the most powerful among us continue to shore up their interests through unsustainable and polarizing agendas. If you have a passionate inner drive to change the world—and your inner experience in it— in a truly positive way, this workshop is for you.

Special guest presenter/facilitator Terry Tillman will join Brian O’Leary of Montesueños on the facilitating team. ”Terry,” says Brian, “was my first mentor in my own transformational journey which began about thirty years ago, a journey that continues right up to today. Terry’s a master of experiential education, having taught inspirational workshops to over 150,000 participants in 92 countries around the world. My contribution is in understanding and implementing the solutions themselves, such as free energy, global healing and consciousness.”

The Tillman-O’Leary duo will provide participants with some practical tools to transform themselves and society by tapping into their inner wisdom and identifying achievable goals that are needed in today’s world. Participants will experience the Pachamama Alliance’s internationally acclaimed Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which is interactive and based upon media produced by multi-award winning filmmaker Neal Rogin The Symposium will be nested within what will be a life-changing four days.

Montesuenos Towers

The workshop will be based at Montesueños (Mountain Dreams), an ideal environment for individual and collective change. The creation of Montesueños itself has been magical, and seems to rub off on those experiencing this exotic, tranquil setting in the misty Andes.

Montesueños is located in the country of Ecuador, which has emerged as an exciting experiment in progressive change—where 40% of the population is of  indigenous extraction inhabiting the Andean plateau and one of the most biodiverse rainforests on Earth, and where an unprecedented provision in the new constitution provides for equal rights for indigenous peoples and for the flora and fauna in nature. The government of Ecuador also supports innovative solutions to the worldwide financial crisis, such as experimenting with alternative trading currencies. The challenges and opportunities for positive change in Ecuador will be highlighted during the workshop as an example of the need for a radically new paradigm if we are to have a truly sustainable future. Transcending old belief systems, we will go outside the box of consensus reality for solutions, confronting truths that, although sometimes controversial, can be liberating. You are invited to experience the power of combining positive human intention in order to heal ourselves and our precious planet.

This workshop is an unprecedented opportunity to experience an expanded awareness while being immersed in two of the most exotic and pure environments on Earth—the spectacular rainbows and sunsets around Montesueños, leading to the cloud forests and waterfalls on the way to the Amazon rainforest.

Brian and Terry describe the vision for the workshop in the video below.


A detailed workshop schedule will be posted soon.

The climate you'll experience at Montesueños will be comfortable with possible rain in the afternoon or evening and green misty mountains and sunshine in the morning. No vaccinations or visas needed.

Airfares to Ecuador at this time are extremely low. When you register we will send you logistical information about how to book your flight.

Tuition: $1750 includes the workshop, transportation to and from the airport, meals, and double or twin accommodations. For singles there will be a surcharge of $150, and for triples or quads a reduction in cost of $150.

Registration: You can reserve a place in the workshop or obtain more information by writing us at

Terry Tillman

Terry Tillman has led personal growth, effectiveness, motivation and leadership seminars for over 150,000 people since 1977. His work has taken him to 92 countries. His simple uncompromising philosophy of the limitless abundance available in life, and his quest to experience purpose, loving and peace have led him into a variety of environments. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Economics, he founded a real estate development, construction and sales company. He holds a private pilot's license, has been a white water rafting guide, a ski instructor, and a marathon runner. Terry now travels six to ten months each year, conducting leadership seminars.

Brian O'Leary

Brian O’Leary, Ph.D. is a scientist-philosopher with fifty years of experience in academic research, teaching and government service in frontier science and energy policy. He was a NASA scientist-astronaut during the Apollo program, the first to be selected for a planned Mars mission, and he participated in unmanned planetary missions as an Ivy League professor. Over the past four decades, Brian has been an international author, speaker, peace activist, founder of non-profits, and advisor to progressive U.S. Congress members and presidential candidates. His latest book, The Energy Solution Revolution, describes the enormous potential of breakthrough clean energy technologies, their suppression and their logical necessity for our survival. In 2004, Brian and his wife, the artist Meredith Miller, moved to the Andes in Ecuador, where they co-created Montesueños —an eco-retreat and educational center dedicated to creativity and the rights of nature.

On Dead Canaries and Flying Pigs

Dear friend:

I am almost always reluctant to send out another message about the looming challenges and recurring bad news we face in trying to create a peaceful, sustainable and just future on Earth.  This time it feels different because of the urgency of the situation, and a new opportunity we have to do something about it.  My good friend and fellow "elder" Terry Tillman and I will be hosting a new educational experiment in social activism and transformational education here at Montesueños next month and we hope you can join us.

Derrick Jensen, whose works you may have read, is a radical environmental author (e.g., "Endgame") whose passion for nature I deeply resonate with.  I agree with him that humanity has gone way too far in its short-sighted rampage, and we'll need a paradigm shift away from the greed and violence that keeps us away from true sustainability.

But we can't get there if we collectively keep going in the direction we're taking.  Jensen clearly sees half the picture--the environmental mandate to change our ways.  But because of our ignorance, the other half is more elusive yet very much achievable--how can we extricate ourselves from the mess some of us in power have created and begin a new system of governance and innovation? 

To those ends, I've recently co-founded the Global Innovation Alliance, which will be researching, developing and integrating truly sustainable technologies that could replace our dirty energy and other unsavory practices worldwide.  I've also recently been appointed as U.N. director for Ecuador affairs in renewable energy, which will hopefully help us convert from oil here.

From decades of study and experimenting, I'm convinced that socially responsible, economically viable and radically clean innovation will help us find the way out of our mess and soon.  The only thing holding us back is our ignorance and apathy.  We see the dead canaries everywhere--the oil spills, rampant pollution, climate change, deforestation, wars, etc.  But if we only look up, we can also begin to see flying pigs coaxing us to look outside the box for our solutions.

Ecuador is full of dead canaries--for example, the Chevron-Texaco oil spill in the Amazon which is bigger than the Exxon-Valdez spill, the leasing of oil and mining leases all over the rain forest, and the threats to Yasuni National Park, one of the the most pristine, bio diverse habitats for wildlife and indigenous nations. We also have some flying pigs here: a new Constitution that uniquely provides for the rights of nature and of the indigenous nations, and the invitation to the international community to match funds with Ecuador in terms of potential lost revenues to keep the oil in the ground in the Yasuni-ITT block. 

The unprecedented workshop Terry and I will be facilitating will educate, awaken and activate ourselves into being the true agents for change, a potential which is inside each of us.  This isn't just another workshop in personal growth.  This time, after thirty years, Terry and I reunite to teach a one-of-a-kind motivating experience for us all.

That's why I hope you and/or your friends will consider coming here March 19-23 to take part in what should be both a wake-up-call and celebration of our individual and collective transformation. 

Terry's (very compelling) read on this is posted on

All the best,





2009 events

Coming soon to an art center near you: the Montesueños Towers

Montesuenos Towers

To be dedicated December 11 (attendance is free), and don't forget to reserve your space for the weekend workshop (details below).

Another Exciting Weekend is Coming to Montesueños: Dec. 11-13!

Celebration of the Arts/ Fiesta de las Artes
with Sue Terry (renowned guest musician and teacher), Meredith Miller and Brian O’Leary

Newest Program:

Friday, December 11 - 5.30 to 7:30 pm:

Dedication of the new Montesueños Towers Center for the Arts, preview of the coming weekend’s program, visual presentation of the life of an artist (Meredith): free admission!

Saturday, December 12 - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm:

09.00 - 10.00 am: Registration
10.00 - 10:30 am: Introduction (Brian)
10:30 - 12:30 pm: Creativity and Healing Workshop (Sue)
12:30 - 02:30 pm: Lunch served
02:30 - 04.00 pm: Pig puppet satire (Brian) and musical interludes (Brian and Sue)
04:30 - 05.00 pm: Tour and walk of grounds (Meredith)

Admission including an abundant lunch (choce of veg and non-veg) is $75, cash at the door.

Sunday, December 13 - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm:

09:30 - 10.00 am: Registration
10.00 - 12.00 pm: Creativity and Healing Workshop (Sue)
12.00 - 02.00 pm: Lunch served
02.00 - 03.00 pm: Crisis and Opportunity 2010: Challenges & Innovations for Ecuador (Brian)
03:30 - 05.00 pm: Creative sessions, to be announced

Admission including an abundant lunch (choice of veg and non-veg) is $75, cash at the door.

Special Offer! We have a four-night conference special offer of just $235 per person for a double or twin room, including the conference, breakfasts, Internet connections, use of a modern kitchen and great views everywhere.

Write us at to reserve your space, or to book accommodations.

Sue Terry

Sue Terry, our guest presenter and performer, begins each day with practical and fun techniques using “Creativity & Healing through Sound and Movement.” These activities can change either a positive or negative comfort zone into a creative wellspring that will heal, nourish and inspire you. This Workshop will enable the participants to release blocks conditioned in our bodies and in awareness that repeat the same old patterns. These patterns range from the emotional and fear-based to the intellectually "safe" roads we're used to traveling on.

Meredith Miller

Meredith Miller will lead you through her three-dimensional masterpiece, Montesueños, created in collaboration with her husband Brian. She will take you to our sacred site and the dedication of the Merlin Towers Center for the Arts, just completed. Meredith will present and demonstrate a moving visual progression of her life through her art. Her recent free-flowing style celebrates life through images of dancing, spiritual partnership, evocative nature scenes and alchemy. Many collectors have reported that their dreams come true in the presence of her paintings.

Brian O'Leary

Brian O’Leary will facilitate the group into an original voyage of alter-ego therapy. Using pig puppets as props, he will help open the dialogue with those parts of the self hiding in the shadows. He has come to experience that letting these dark sub-personalities go through a hilarious, outrageous but sobering reducto ad adsurbum political satire can be a very powerful and much needed medicine. He will share with you his own alter-ego, the lapis pig, praising the likes of Dick Cheney, the military-industrial complex, mandatory vaccinations, and Wall Street greed. Come find your own inner saboteur and break free of your limiting beliefs!

Open Jam Sessions will flow throughout the weekend with Sue Terry on sax and flute, Brian O’Leary on piano (and others?) with spontaneous jazz and other musical expressions.

(And if you have a camera, bring it to photograph the magical setting, and a possible colorful sunset with rainbows.)

Where? Montesueños - San Jose - Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Known as the Valley of Longevity this expansive center of magnificent Earth energy is a destination like no other.
When? Decemeber 12 (Saturday) and 13 (Sunday), 2009, 10 am to 5pm.
Registration: $75 cash each day, including an abundant and nutritious lunch. To reserve your space, write us at

Note - For accomodations at Montesueños, please reserve early, as space fills up fast!

“You are invited to join two renowned visionary thinkers and artists of our time as they open their home and retreat to you in the Garden of Eden they call Montesueños (Mountain Dreams). Forged from five years of dedication and focused creation, the space they provide inspires deep transformation and profound expansion of consciousness. Humor and mirth are the medium these most human way-showers use to evoke deeper truths and quicken our ability to shed the confines of the past and begin earnest work on a new Earth Team.”
-Sienna Lea, current guest at Montesueños

Sue Terry and Brian O'Leary

"Sweet" Sue Terry, renowned musician, recording artist, master teacher and t'ai chi chuan/qigong practitioner, has been researching the connection between Sound and Movement--and their combined effect on health and creativity--for twenty years. Brian and Meredith are delighted to have her as a guest workshop leader,

Meredith in Studio

Meredith Miller is one of the great visionary artists, bringing a beautiful message in a troubled world—one of peace, sustainability…and hope. For fifty years, her thousands of paintings show an unusual sensitivity to the magic of nature and human transformation,

Lapis Pig and Brian O'Leary

Brian O’Leary, world class scientist, author of eleven books, environmental activist and co-founder of Montesueños, will be sharing his many-faceted personalities as an architect, photographer, pianist, cartoonist and political satirist through his pig puppet alter-egos, and


Coming to Montesueños soon: The Montesueños Towers Center for the Arts.

The photo below was taken on the October 4, 2009 full moon, and shows the unembellished first Merlin tower.  Look for more going up over the next two months, in preparation for the dedication of our new center for the arts at our next gathering December 12 and 13--a weekend of multifaceted creative expression.  Keep checking this website for further descriptions and make your reservation for the conference and accomodations soon.  As usual, the price for the conference is $75 per day, including a nutritious, abundant lunch served both days.

Merlin's Towers


The Five E’s Workshop in Vilcabamba with Leonardo Wild, George Green, Susan Davis and Brian O’Leary, August 22-23, 2009,

Exploring action-oriented solutions in energy, the environment, economics, etc.

Come and join a unique gathering of visionary experts to look at essential and practical outside-the-box solutions to our crises locally, regionally & globally

Conference agenda

Saturday, August 22, Economics day

9-10 am: registration, $75 for the day, $150 for two days
10-10:15: introduction, Brian O’Leary
10:15-12: The Uncensored Big Picture: the world economic prospects and opportunities - the latest information coming from a financial pro and insider, George Green
12-2 pm: complimentary lunch served
2-: Ecuadorian solutions (weaning from Empires and oligarchies, new government policies,
NGO and activist initiatives, alternative currencies, etc), Leonardo Wild
3-3:45: Local Living Economies: the global movement for conscious citizens and
businesses to clean the air, water and soil, Susan Davis
3:45-4: afternoon break
4-5: Economics panel and questions (Green, Wild, Davis, moderated by O’Leary)
5-6:30: informal discussions and Montesue“os sunset, taxis leave to town

Sunday, August 23, Energy, Environment, Education and Ethics day

9-10 am: registration for those attending Sunday only, $75
10-11: The Energy Solution Revolution: a socio-political journey through the tangled web
of free and clean energy, its promise, its suppression and its necessity for our
survival, Brian O’Leary, just back from a world speaking tour and book release
11-12: Re-Inheriting the Earth: awakening to truly sustainable solutions and greater truths,
Brian O’Leary, based on his recent book on a radical new environmental agenda
12-2 pm: complimentary lunch served
2-3: Report from Yasuni National Park, the battle between the oil companies and the
indigenous/environmental groups in the Western Amazon and the Ecuadorian initiative
to keep the oil in the ground, Leonardo Wild
3-3:30: afternoon break
3:30-4: innovations in education, Leonardo Wild
4-5: panel on ethics and innovation (Wild, Davis, O’Leary and Green)
5-6:30: informal discussions and Montesue“os sunset, taxis leave to town


May 19-23: The Tao of Photography with master photographer Charles Feil (


May 8-10: Another exciting Montesueños weekend!

Friday May 8: New Science and Reincarnation--lectures by Paul Von Ward and Brian O’Leary

Saturday, May 9: New Science and Consciousness--workshop with Brian O’Leary

Experiments and experiences in quantum physics, psychokinesis, precognition, biocommunications, zero point energy, anomalous experience, UfO/ET phenomena, the apparent survival of death, healing, and the power of combined positive human intention, all point to the realities of consciousness that can profoundly affect us and the material world. Consciousness is likely to become the very cornerstone of a new paradigm of science and technology that could help provide us all with a sustainable and abundant future. Participants will learn new theories and experiments and will also have hands-on experience that will show the incredible power of consciousness. We will employ dowsing techniques and will learn how to bend a spoon with the power of the mind. This popular workshop has been presented through the years at Esalen, Findhorn, Unity and Religious churches and the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams.

Dr. Brian O'Leary is a former astronaut, scientist-philosopher, author and teacher who has devoted the past twenty years to exploring, compiling, teaching and writing about the frontiers of science and consciousness. (

Sunday, May 10: A Soul Genome? Science Provides Surprising Evidence for Reincarnation--workshop with Paul Von Ward

What does reincarnation mean? Most people think of it in spiritual terms. However, emerging scientific evidence suggests that our emotional patterns, ways of thinking, interpersonal styles, creative abilities, and physical features may reflect more the experiences of previous lifetimes than our parent's genes and society's influences. This workshop introduces participants to the "science of reincarnation" and its implications. The "soul-genome" and its tangible aspects provide new insights into the process of personal development. Tools introduced in the workshop can help individuals identify possible past-life influences and make more informed personal choices. For further details, see

Paul Von Ward, MPA & MSc, author of The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation, is a cosmologist and independent scholar. His earlier books include Gods, Genes & Consciousness and Our Solarian Legacy: Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe. A former naval officer, U.S. diplomat, and American nonprofit leader, Paul writes, speaks, and travels globally (

Where? Montesueños-Vilcabamba, Friday 7-9 pm $10; Saturday 10am-5 pm with lunch $75, Sunday 10 am-5 pm with lunch, $75; $10 discount for all three events!
Please write us ( to hold your space for the workshop and for rooms at Montesueños ( which tend to fill up fast, so reserve early.

Click here to watch the video!

Note: The May 8-10 Montesueños Conference on Frontier Science and Reincarnation is filling fast, so if you're interested in coming, please write us to reserve your space. We expect a full house. Registration and payment of tuition ($150 cash) will be Friday night 6-7pm and Saturday morning 9-10am.  Accomodations at Montesueños are filled up for the event, but there is plenty of good, inexpensive hotel space in Vilcabamba just two miles and a $3 taxi ride from here. We suggest you simply Google Hotels in Vilcabamba to make your reservations and taxi arrangement.   More information about logistics is posted here on  If you're interested in coming to the conference, we hope to hear from you!



Jan. 9-11: Crisis and Opportunity 2, The Camelot Conference

- Uncovering Deeper Truths of our Times and Future Strategies


Friday January 9, 6pm: Meet the Speakers, Montesueños Cultural Center, Vilcabamba

Saturday January 10, 10-12am and 2-5 pm: Workshop with George Green introduced by Dr. Brian O’Leary, Montesueños Eco-Retreat, $75 cash with lunch served.

Sunday January 11, 10-12am and 2-5 pm: Workshop with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan followed by panel and general discussion, same arrangements as Saturday.


Over the weekend of January 9 and 11, 2009, Montesueños hosted two truth-telling conferences featuring George Green and Brian ("Crisis and  Opportunity 2") and Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy ("The Camelot Conference").  On just three weeks' notice, 68 of us gathered here to hear the speakers describe their visions and to dialogue about work behind the scenes to pursue dark agendas versus more hopeful ones for the future (e.g., free energy, sustainable agriculture, local governance, etc).  Most attendees came all the way from North America and Europe, and was testimony to the importance of the topics discussed and the attractiveness of Montesueños as a venue.  We will do more of these, and check for future programs.

Some photos of the Crisis-and-Opportunity workshop are shown below, courtesy of Bill Ryan,  Also, check out Project Camelot's interview with Brian conducted shortly after the January conferences.


The presenters:

George Green photo

George Green, economist, Former NASD financial principal, broker dealer, real estate developer, insurance broker, banker, speaker and publisher of best-selling Handbook for the New Paradigm, draws on both factual and esoteric knowledge to present a unique picture of the plights and the opportunities of these times.

Kerry Cassidy photo

Kerry Cassidy joined Bill Ryan in April 2006 to found Project Camelot, which in the last two and a half years has become the Internet’s premier site for whistleblowers and cutting-edge researchers to present to the public new and important information, previously known but denied by the authorities. Kerry is a film-maker and researcher and currently lives in Sedona, Arizona.

Bill Ryan photo

Bill Ryan has a background in math and physics and worked for many years as a leadership coach, team development consultant, and conflict resolution specialist to some large corporations in the UK. He has been privately researching esoteric phenomena for over 30 years and co-founded Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy. He lives in Switzerland.

Brian O'Leary photo

Brian O’Leary is an author, international speaker and founder of Montesueños, a center dedicated to the causes of peace, sustainability, the arts and new science. A former astronaut, Ivy-League physics professor and political energy advisor and activist, Dr. O’Leary’s most recent book is The Energy Solution Revolution. Brian will be host, introducer and facilitator of this conference.




2008 events

Dec. 12-13: Crisis and Opportunity - The Decline of America and the Solution Revolution

Public lecture 6pm Friday December 12, Montesueños Cultural Center, Vilcabamba - Free

Workshop 2-5pm Saturday December 13, Montesueños, Vilcabamba, San Jose - $25