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An extraordinary Jan. 9-11 is coming!

Crisis & Opportunity 2: The Camelot Conference

Uncovering Deeper Truths of our Times and Future Strategies

With George Green, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan and Dr. Brian O’Leary


Friday January 9, 6pm: Meet the Speakers, Montesueños Cultural Center, Vilcabamba, free admission.

Saturday January 10, 10-12am and 2-5 pm: Workshop with George Green introduced by Dr. Brian O’Leary, Montesueños Eco-Retreat, $75 cash with lunch served.

Sunday January 11, 10-12am and 2-5 pm: Workshop with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan followed by panel and general discussion, same arrangements as Saturday.


The most pressing and recurrent theme of today is the unprecedented danger faced by Americans, which profoundly affects the entire world. The economy, environment and a peaceful social order have been shaken to the core by biocidal public and private policies. Even with the election of Barack Obama as the next U.S. president, the situation is only getting worse. What is happening behind the scenes and what can we expect to see happen in the future? We will explore the crisis and its likely evolution over the coming months to years. Careful research reveals underlying truths that could set us free.

Many North Americans are seeking a different path from the sense of gloom experienced in the U.S. and elsewhere. Several of us visiting Vilcabamba, bewildered by the growing crisis, are rediscovering the simple life here. Clean mountain air and water, fresh local healthy food, a great climate close to nature, friendly people, and a sense of well-being can provide an alternative setting that can reduce our fear levels and give us opportunities to come together in local and global community to solve the extraordinary problems we all confront. Restoring the rights of nature, keeping oil and minerals in the ground, the re-localization movement and the development of clean, breakthrough energy are examples of the possibilities that lie ahead. But we must be willing to step outside the box of conventional thinking and adopt entirely new perspectives and lifestyles. Meredith and Brian founded Montesueños as a gathering place for discussing and implementing some of these ideas. In June 2008, we hosted our first major conference: the Phoenix Gathering of visionaries from around the globe. We addressed sustainable solutions to the crisis of civilization as a dynamically-facilitated democratic experiment. On December 12, Brian presented an introduction to Crisis and Opportunity. He spoke to the truths of free energy, ET contact and the power of positive human intention.

We are happy to announce our next major event, The Camelot Conference. We’ll look at the works of those brave souls who have risked their lives and livelihoods to uncover a greater reality, one which is perceived as a threat to vested interests. These breakthroughs could change the world forever, yet have been violently suppressed. Four of the world’s leading researchers of deeper truth will be presenting here January 9-11, 2009. Whereas the Phoenix symbolizes a transformed culture rising from the ashes of the old, Camelot represents the ideals of truth and compassion for life in a world of darkness and tyranny.


The presenters include:

George Green photo

George Green, economist, Former NASD financial principal, broker dealer, real estate developer, insurance broker, banker, speaker and publisher of best-selling Handbook for the New Paradigm, draws on both factual and esoteric knowledge to present a unique picture of the plights and the opportunities of these times.

Kerry Cassidy photo

Kerry Cassidy joined Bill Ryan in April 2006 to found Project Camelot, which in the last two and a half years has become the Internet’s premier site for whistleblowers and cutting-edge researchers to present to the public new and important information, previously known but denied by the authorities. Kerry is a film-maker and researcher and currently lives in Sedona, Arizona.

Bill Ryan photo

Bill Ryan has a background in math and physics and worked for many years as a leadership coach, team development consultant, and conflict resolution specialist to some large corporations in the UK. He has been privately researching esoteric phenomena for over 30 years and co-founded Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy. He lives in Switzerland.

Brian O'Leary photo

Brian O’Leary is an author, international speaker and founder of Montesueños, a center dedicated to the causes of peace, sustainability, the arts and new science. A former astronaut, Ivy-League physics professor and political energy advisor and activist, Dr. O’Leary’s most recent book is The Energy Solution Revolution. Brian will be host, introducer and facilitator of this conference.

Come see what the real truth reveals and what possibilities lie ahead toward what could become the genesis of an entirely new world. Email for reservations.

We regret the short time notice for this extraordinary happening, but the nature of our crisis suggests urgency. We also regret the limits to accommodations in our small town.

Dr BRIAN O'LEARY, Montesueños, 21 December 2008.