The Energy Crisis
Global Salvation or More of the Same?

© Brian O’Leary, Ph.D., October 2003

I ask a hypothetical question: say that a new energy source which was clean, cheap, renewable and abundant were being researched. Would you chip in a little to push it along towards its being a practical energy source for everyone on Earth? Or would you support a political candidate who endorsed new energy research? If your answer is yes, read on: many such sources are being researched, any one of which could solve the energy problem once and for all. But the work is being actively suppressed from public discourse.

The global energy crisis has become an epidemic. We cannot any longer rely on worn-out policies which dramatically increase the chances of oil wars, resource depletion, escalating costs, price-gouging by energy companies, blackouts, more toxic air pollution, global climate change, aging fossil fuel plants and unsafe nuclear power plants and unsightly grid systems and outdated internal combustion engines running on oil.

Perpetuating these systems poses a grave threat to humanity, the Earth and all living beings as well as being economically untenable. Fortunately, the new technologies do exist, waiting for their opportunity to enter the mainstream. Unfortunately these technologies have been repressed by an insidious collaboration between the energy industry and the U.S. Government and imitated throughout the world. We must design new energy systems that are publicly owned, or at least overseen, for their timely introduction.

The research and development of these technologies need our support. Whether they be innovative photovoltaic and wind turbine concepts, cold fusion methods, advanced hydrogen chemistry or zero-point (vacuum) energy, we have the potential for a zero-emission energy economy by 2020, if openly pursued. Some of these energy technologies could give us a quantum leap in cleanliness and low cost.

The myth has spread that, if these developments were real we'd have them by now. But we are only in a research phase, which traditionally is publicly funded. The myth also says we must await a fully-deployed "magic bullet", which would be like asking the Wright Brothers to deliver a DC-3 or a 747. This myth is shared by many skeptical scientists, environmentalists, and progressives whose disbelief and lack of education about the alternatives unwittingly feed the very vested interests who want to perpetuate the old energy paradigm.

We must come together in community to fund, discuss and debate new energy policies and options. As a first step, about $100 million allocated to leading new energy researchers will allow us to move ahead toward a zero emission world by 2020. The urgency of this situation provides an unprecedented opportunity for progressive political candidates to champion new energy initiatives which will allow the public to once again take charge of their own destinies.

About 80% of the global economy, directly or indirectly, is now vested in outmoded, polluting energy and weapons systems. These resources could be reallocated to clean energy and towards an Earth Corps to clean up the planet.

Even if the new energy research were to go nowhere--a highly unlikely scenario--would it not be in our best interest to move ahead anyway? The main reason the research is now moving slowly is that the inventors are largely isolated and under-supported. We have a chicken-and- egg problem in which the prevailing myth continues to be, "If we don't already have it, it can't be real". We cannot any long blindly follow this myth, or we face our own extinction. More than any other single step, the reallocation of resources under public direction from the energy barons and warmongers towards life-sustaining technologies will go a long way to create a clean, secure and humane future.

Supporting new energy research would be a significant first step in literally returning power to the people. But we need your help. The New Energy Movement is a nonprofit whose purpose is to research and promote all promising new energy technologies which could save the planet. Your participation will go a long way towards ending the current nightmare of outdated energy technologies and a liberation of humankind from the bonds of misplaced power.

Moving into a new energy economy is a physical necessity which transcends political questions of public versus private ownership, liberal versus conservative governance, saving existing jobs versus striking into the unknown. As during any large change in science and technology, the dominant scientific opinions (and amplified by the media) resist change, because the status quo is politically correct for careers. Blocking the way also are the vested interests of environmentalists and progressives.

This will be totally new! We are talking about supplanting the largest financial entity of all time: the energy industry, and now we know why the coming energy revolution has been retarded by those few who control and profit from what is an unusable nineteenth century technology.

Shouldn't we openly discuss what new energy could do for us? How can we convert our priorities from the current destructive ones to the new ones? Do we have the courage to move into the needed transitions? How can we make all players feel safe, to adjudicate the transition with fairness to all?

We need to get smart, to anticipate the changes. This is a crash program. Welcome aboard.


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