Universal Appeal to Create a World of Sustainable Abundance
How to face Resistance to an Energy Solution Revolution and a Plea to President Obama*
Brian O’Leary, April 11, 2009, www.brianoleary.info

“(Geoengineering the climate) has got to be looked at. We don’t have the luxury of taking any approach off the table.” (author’s note: how about developing free energy instead?)
-Dr. John Holdren, President’s Science Advisor, Associated Press, April 8, 2009

“Today we the people are starting to understand our banking and monetary system, and we are shocked, dismayed and furious at what we are discovering. The wizard behind the curtain turns out to be a small group of men pulling levers and dials, creating an illusory money scheme that, behind all the talk and bravado, is mere smoke and mirrors…it’s time for the government to print our money, like the Greenbacks of Lincoln’s time.”
-Dr. Ellen Brown, www.globalresearch.ca, April 9, 2009

“Any government that can disburse $2 trillion secretly, without any accountability, is not a democratic government. It is government of, by and for the bankers.”
-Chris Powell, “Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion,” GAIA, Dec. 12, 2008

“The Great Ponzi scheme that is the Western World’s economy has grown so big there is simply no fixing it. Flushing more debt through the system would be like giving Madoff a few billion to tide him over. Or like adding another floor to the Tower of Babel. To what end? The collapse is already here. The question is: how much do we want it to hurt? Using the public’s purse to finance “confidence” in a system that is already kaput may delay the Day of Reckoning, sure, but at the cost of multiplying our losses. Perhaps fantastically.” -Rolfe Winkler, “More Debt Won’t Rescue the Great American Ponzi,”
Option Armageddon, March 9, 2009

“Let me cut to the chase. The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this…Bush and his cronies—who must soon vacate the White House—are looting the U.S. Treasury of every dollar they can grab. They are swiping as much of the silverware as they can on their way out the door…From talking to people I know in D.C., they say the reason so many Dems are behind this is because Wall Street this weekend put a gun to their heads and said either turn over the $700 billion or the first thing we’ll start blowing up are the pension funds and 401(k)s of your middle class constituents.”
-Michael Moore, www.michaelmoore.com, Sept. 29, 2008

“Both Western Finance and Western Medicine are fundamentally based on fraud…The end of these systems is now in sight. They are crumbling under their own arrogance and stupidity, revealing a society based on self-righteous deception and global scandal. Everything we thought was real turns out to be fabricated: The money, the medicine, the economy, the law…it’s all being revealed for what it is: A Matrix of enslavement, designed to keep the People believing they live in a free society, even as their health and wealth are stolen from them by the sinister few who wield political power…Wealth is not a collection of digits in a computer. It isn’t a promise printed on green paper money. Real wealth is a garden that feeds you, a river that hydrates you, and a system of medicine that nourishes and supports you. Real wealth is a day with sunshine, a night under the stars and a life lived with purpose.”
-Mike Adams, http://www.naturalnews.com:80/024353.html, Sept. 29, 2008

* Excerpted from the Second Edition of The Energy Solution Revolution, April 2009

"Every so often civilization seems to work itself into a corner from which further progress is virtually impossible along the lines then apparent; yet if new ideas are to have a chance the old systems must be so severely shaken that they lose their dominance."
-Chester G. Starr, A History of the Ancient World. Oxford University Press, 1991 (p. 124)

The world we now inhabit is a world clearly headed towards totalitarian destruction, yet the world we could have—one of great abundance--waits in the wings for when the ruling big men and the obedient masses let go. Then we won’t need any big men except for ones benevolently piloting Spaceship Earth with compassion. It is difficult to grasp this potential reversal of our fates at a time of mass hallucinations with which enough of us can trust tyrants to guide us into such distraction and despondency. Yet that is what is happening.

So what’s going to happen to us and when? I predict we’ll know a lot more about the collapse of Western civilization before you read this. The ship of state is sinking so fast, any speculation about the next disasters will undoubtedly be inaccurate, because We the People don’t yet hold the cards. So why bother to guess?

What we can know now are the dynamics underlying the collapse and the need to get back to basics regarding our social and individual health.

Saunders echoes Mike Adams of Natural News that our financial and health care systems are two falling pillars dominated by money and greed. He also feels that the third pillar should be the timely introduction of free energy—which could have happened more easily sixty years ago, when things were more optimistic and when the wrong big men didn’t have things so obviously sewed up and messed up as during these times. I agree. Saunders and increasing numbers of us can pretty easily guess in broad terms what is really happening behind the scenes, why the rulers have kept us away from free energy for so long. He wrote to me about three possibilities:

(1) Some in control do know it is needed but simply do not know how to introduce it without severely affecting the existing financial/power paradigm (i.e., it’s in the ‘too hard’ box); (2) the ‘warhawks’ don’t give a stuff anyway about the environment, and simply wish to continue squeezing the populace for more and more power (eventually resulting in a world that will make Mallcity 14 look like a summer camp); and (3) the big men are privy to a possible forthcoming world-wide catastrophe, and in the meantime, it is ‘easier’ to allow business as usual, and afterwards, when the chosen survivors come out of their black-budget bunkers, they will start anew with all the technology available.

Saunders and Frazier also both speculate that an ET intervention, whether real or staged, will bring the stakes ever higher as the drama spirals ever upward and the elites grab their lifeboats while the Titanic goes stern-up (e.g., http://www.ahealedplanet.net/ufo.htm).

But the most vexing question of all questions is: how can otherwise intelligent, enlightened and compassionate people allow such malevolence to sink us all? How can the scientists, environmentalists and progressives continue to be oblivious to the fact that we have already hit the iceberg and we need to do something very quickly to man the available lifeboats and miracles with consideration for everyone? Wade Frazier wrote to me:

This is a conundrum like no other.† Nobody has cracked that nut, yet.† As I discuss, the “faith” of “liberals” and radicals does not allow for the possibility of conscious manipulation of the system by those in control.† There are at least a few reasons for this:

1. They do not understand spirituality.† They project their understanding onto others, thinking that everybody shares their perspective and motivation.† There is a spiritual dark path, and people walk it, and many of them are in positions of power.† And my point for those doing the projecting is to understand that there are “evil” people in the world, and that they do not think like the rest of us. Few of us (less than 5%) are on the spiritual dark path, but for those that are, they approach life differently than the rest of us do.† When we tell lies, our conscience, to one degree or another, kicks in and makes us uneasy, and we usually try to do better next time. †Being in denial of the lies is one of our defense mechanisms, but at one level or another, we are aware of the lies, and it does not make us feel good (the main reason for the denial). For a dark path person, telling lies and getting away with it is a triumph.† The more people that are duped by them, the larger the victory.† They have a different scorecard than the rest of us.† Not understanding that they are different allows people to deny that they exist.†

2. They are wedded to the structuralism of the Chomskies and scientists of the world.† Science is obsessed with finding the mechanism, and completely ignores that maybe something or someone designed those mechanisms that they are so keen to discover and describe.† They study Creation, and deny that there may be a Creator.† I am not into matters of faith, but materialism is a faith, too.† Science is a religion for most scientists, and it has its same heretic-punishment, defenses of the faith and other aspects of organized religion.

3. Very few have sufficient personal integrity to investigate and accept the issue, and experience is the greatest teacher, and until they actually have some experience of how the system really works, it all sounds like another theory to them. To actually understand how our world really works, and how we are being screwed by the very people, institutions and “faiths” that we gave our power away is to come to a place of responsibility.† 99.9% of people would rather keep playing the victim than accept responsibility.† Those who obsess over the “conspiratorial” behaviors are not accepting responsibility, either.†As I emphasize over and over, the path to our salvation is not taking on the dark path folks who we gave our power away to.† It is taking back our power, and doing it gently.† If people ever overcome their denials that those they have given their power away to are screwing them with it, they then want to go “get” the “bad guys.”† That is no answer.† Love is the answer, and always has been.† Now, I will allow that it is very possible that we are here to play this game of giving our power away and being screwed over by those we gave it to. Many bodies of mystical material allude to it. †It may be that our souls want to play this game of kill and be killed, and “I have the power and you don’t.”† Maybe that is what this dimension is all about.† Now, if that is true, I really question my soul’s wisdom, and it is easy to get quite angry with whoever set up such a game.† It may be that we are about to finally learn the lessons that we came here for, and just in the nick of time, because we are about to destroy humanity and the planet, through our many failings, with the many ways that we allow fear to manifest being chief among them. ††††

So, that is a tough conundrum.† One of the most amazing things is truly understanding how deeply the fear and denial are rooted in 99.9% of the population. †They do not want to understand.† Their hearts are not open, so consequently, their minds are not.† You can lead a horse to water, and all that.† Part of the problem is also having tunnel vision.† About 95% of the population is scientifically illiterate, and has no idea of how the world really works--they don’t understand those mechanisms that scientists are always pursuing.† People can put their feet on the gas pedal and pump gas at the gas station, but they have only the faintest glimmerings about how it all works and that they are filling their SUVs’ tanks with a year’s worth of calories for their bodies.† For those who want to understand, it is possible to do so, but they have to want to understand, which very few really want to, because the implications are either overwhelming or their souls want to keep playing the victim and learning the lessons of fear, so they flee from the implications.† The more sophisticated of us act like they are giving work like mine a fair hearing, but it is just a game that their egos play.

Until people have their own personal encounters with (dark-path) people, in a way that their motivation becomes crystal clear, they will tend to not believe the motivation behind what is happening… I think that people have to have personal experience with those kinds of people taking their masks off, to really "get it." †And the dark path people know this well, which is why somebody like me had to get hammered repeatedly before really getting it. This is one of the key parts of the conundrum, and one of the hardest to understand. For the other 95% of us, we would rather not think that people can be that way.

In other words, it seems most all of us need to have the experience of facing the darkness before we can see the dawn. There appear to be no easy pathways to achieving this kind of sentience. The darkness is really there, and to deny it and not assign responsibility to those who are suppressing a bright future is not taking our own responsibility to re-choreograph our future. The challenge becomes more serious: it’s tempting to say, “if I didn’t directly witness or experience free energy or its suppression, it can’t be true.”

But such denial can actually be dangerous. In Martin Luther King’s words, “To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” Embracing the possibility of a breakthrough energy solution revolution should be our mandate, not an idle speculation to be ignored or ridiculed or feared. To thread the needle of free energy, a critical mass of us, combined in positive intention, will need to muster the courage with open hearts and take this firewalk--together. This may well be the central mystical theme of the crossroads the world now faces. Again, Wade Frazier:

I believe that free energy can only be pursued by the fully sentient, or those closely so. I think that is the intent of whoever set up this earth game.†As you know, people at a high level of sentience are extremely hard to find these days, which is part of the conundrum.†So, my approach has been to seek people who genuinely seek the truth and solutions, and give them something to chew on.† I had not seen that approach tried yet, which is why I ended up doing my site www.ahealedplanet.net.

The Lone Rangers of free energy get picked off one at a time, like ducks in a shooting gallery.†If they can overcome their own limitations to the degree where they try to mount any kind of effort, their allies usually present more of a hazard than the Big Boys (aka, the Big Man) do.†There is currently not enough collective integrity in the masses to overcome their inertia and the organized suppression, and almost every activist group I have ever heard of hacks at the branches of the issues and is hooked on their particular scarcity-based way of viewing the world.

So, an untried avenue, at least as far as I saw, was just trying to help the awake and awakening see the big picture and where the primary leverage point is: energy.† If they can just understand that and how the world really works, we may be onto something.† Although time is very short, I think that any effort that attempts to go straight from ignorance to storming the free energy Bastille (or with a brief interlude where we collectively nod and delude ourselves that we have the right stuff) is doomed from within and easily defeated by the Big Boys.† It is not easy to grok the free energy milieu and conundrum.†I am only seeking to help people see that picture.

If a sizeable group (probably several thousand) can get that far, and truly let go of its scarcity-based beliefs, at least while pondering the free energy milieu, then we might have a chance to get active from there.†Again, I have seen almost all the best and biggest names of American free energy activism wave the flag, and I am doing my best to get beyond all scarcity-based thinking, or at least point it out when it rears its head. I think that, because all earthly groups currently promote their favored brand of scarcity-based consciousness, people try to pander to it to get their foot in the door. I think that strategy is doomed from the outset.† For that reason, approaching any group may not be the way to go, but those thousands will come from many walks of life.† Heck, nothing has come close to working yet, but this at least seems like it may have a chance, although it is truly looking for needles in haystacks.

The dilemma here is that, there may not be time enough for a sufficient number of us to go through this kind of sentience-and-free-energy-awareness “training program.” To those of you who haven’t yet taken these steps, I implore you to suspend disbelief and to embrace the possibility that an energy solution revolution could save us all, and that you could really help us. What would you have to lose in giving this a try? Think about it: In light of what you now know, are fear, apathy, pride, credibility, and fictitious self-interest over the common interest, still more important to you than looking for all reasonable pathways toward averting a planetary disaster?

With the recent election of Barack Obama as the U.S. President and the deteriorating economy, the rules of the game are changing. Energetically, the Obama victory came just in time to relieve us from a collective nervous breakdown. †In that way, it's most welcome to get rid of the most genocidal/ecocidal criminals of all time, thugs who have been
totally in charge of cutting us off from our most heartfelt visions. †

But my tears of celebration are bittersweet. Our journey has really just begun after eight-plus years of a U.S.-led global cardiac arrest.†

How can we possibly get our societal policies to align with our potential for an energy solution revolution if even the most progressive among us cannot even fathom its possibility? How can we get beyond the gatekeepings of Obama’s inner circle of such vested establishment advisors as Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel alongside the money lavished upon him by the Wall Street moguls and military-industrial global chauvinists who have no interest in something that threatens their power?

Put differently, will the Obama administration be able to clean up all the corruption, develop the imagination and vision to be able to think outside the box, and have time left to peel the onion of free energy in today's climate of limited thinking and competing priorities? †Barring a miracle, I highly doubt it, given the disappointments I and others
have so far encountered with the most publicly visible alternative energy progressives such as Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and Al Gore. But it's always worth a try, and the massive energetic support the people of the world feel for “change” could open Obama and the rest of us up to unexpected paradigm shifts.

Besides the hopes of an Obama presidency, we have an additional argument to develop breakthrough energy as soon as possible. In today's climate of fiscal austerity and rampant indebtedness, it is unlikely anyone would be able to come up with enough capital to fund a pervasive solar or wind energy economy, least of all, the bankrupt governments of the world. The trillions of dollars needed are simply not there. To meet today’s energy demand, we’d need on the order of $20 trillion just to install materials-intensive wind and solar systems to replace current sources.

Therefore, only free energy could satisfy both environmental and economic criteria for a sustainable and abundant future. †An awakening of awareness, first among some honest and sentient scientists, environmentalists, progressives, and many of the rest of us at the grassroots level, will become absolutely necessary for us to have an energy solution revolution.

My friends, it's up to each of us to apply the pressure where and when it's needed most. Always. The election of Barack Obama has re-energized activists to do just that, relentlessly. May the open appeal to Mr. Obama below—which is really an appeal to all of us--be a beginning

We conclude this essay with a question for you. Whatever awareness you may now have about these things, would you be willing to embrace a future world of free energy and other sustainable breakthroughs? Could you make it a personal matter for you to do so? If so, let’s join up.

Universal appeal to Mr. Obama and all concerned people from a fellow achiever who is gravely concerned about our future.

Dear President Obama and the world community,

Mr. President, I congratulate you on your election. As a former astronaut, Eagle Scout, Ivy League professor, frontier scientist, futurist, advisor to presidential candidates, and an international author and speaker, I can identify with your feeling of significant motivation and achievement. But, in my later years as I now approach the age of seventy, many of those perks of recognition pale before a sense of urgency with which I feel we must approach our task of transforming humanity and nature into an environmentally, socially and morally sustainable future.

I honestly don’t know whether we’ll make it through these times. You’re in the driver’s seat now, and your task is daunting. You will have to stand up to some very powerful interests who do not want to live under those public policies that will become necessary for us to survive these times. You must understand this most basic conflict of interest in your position. But are you aware enough of what is really happening to us all? Do you truly know the depth of the crisis and the breadth of opportunities that lay outside the box of conventional thinking? I must admit that during my days of relative fame, I was largely oblivious of the deeper issues before us. The spotlight itself has a way of distorting our perceptions of reality.

In today’s world, there is so much suffering, ignorance, neglect and corruption. Leaders nowadays prey on this condition. By supporting some of the most criminal actions in human history, the powerful elite have created an atmosphere of mass obedience by a fearful and helpless populace to wanton genocide and ecocide. We are destroying ourselves and each other and nature through the selfishness and greed of the few. As a result, unrest is brewing in response to monumental military, economic and political tyranny.

You must know that true knowledge, wisdom and compassion are threats to the status quo. George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” and Isaac Asimov wrote, “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” I believe we now live in such a time to the extreme, and this situation is particularly poignant for us Americans now living under the tyrannies of empire and economic collapse. You come into office on the wings of conflict between a private power that has incubated you and a public clamoring for authentic change which so many of us have entrusted in you. You stand in the middle of an enormous gulf of interests, and you must know that at its deepest levels.

Those of us who take the road less traveled towards a greater truth always have been, and still are, martyrs placed on the altar of change. These heroes, often unrecognized in their own time, become the objects of religions and nation-states, which then often become self-aggrandizing dogmatic institutions that have nothing to do with the original intentions and spirit of the founders. The founders could only be rolling in their graves about how their contributions have become so distorted.

Continuity and bipartisanship cannot be nearly as important as returning to the basic principles of integrity, civility and public trust. You’ll need to confront the tyranny of our recent past. Sacred myths such as the official stories of the JFK assassination and 9/11, for example, become enshrined in a fog of deception, lies and ignorance that distract us with bread and circuses, which, if perpetuated, can only precede the inevitable fall.

You must know the truth of all this, it’s too obvious for you or any other intelligent and sentient being not to be able to recognize. You must know that we have an imperiled planet and civilization that cannot endure the collective neglect of humanity. You must know that we cannot rely on half-measures such as a slow withdrawal from Iraq, miniscule reductions in the defense budget, insignificant nuclear arms reductions, bank and Wall Street bailouts, or advocating nuclear power, “clean coal” and carbon cap-and-trading as lasting remedies to climate change. You must know that such minutiae cannot solve these problems. You must know, at some level, about Einstein’s dictum that no problem can be solved at the level at which it was created.

Our species has invaded our home planet with such cancerous vengeance and with such little conscious awareness or acknowledgement of the depth of our dilemma, it is hard to imagine how we can get out of this matrix. But get out we must. It is much too late for us to fulfill your mandate to “change” in the way you have embarked on choosing your advisors and cabinet members. You must know that these individuals are throwbacks to prior administrations who are the epitome of an old ideological paradigm of a rule that cannot work in these times. Many of us have become suspicious that you are only paying back those elite individuals and groups that paved and paid your way towards where you sit now. Have they so threatened you to conform-or-else that you can’t act differently?

For you to succeed you’re still going to have to bite the hand that fed you. You will have to feint your way as in a basketball offensive around and through the broken field of defending opponents, who include those who have supported you so well financially. You will have to stand up in your courage and “betray” them (from their point of view).

Are you up to the task? Are you willing to risk life and limb to lead us into taking those actions needed to create a viable system of governance? Are you motivated enough to join the ranks of our brothers Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and John F. Kennedy to take bold actions toward a peaceful, just and sustainable future for humankind? Are you willing to evict the money-changers and militarists from the temple?

At some level, I think that you’re aware that your definition of “change” in no way resembles the kind of “change” any sensible and knowledgeable person not beholden to vested interests would feel is truly necessary for our own survival.

Mr. President, we’re all in great trouble if you are unwilling or feel unable to address the pleas of the vast majority of the people of our nation and of the world. They cry out for peace, sustainability and justice. You must also address the fact that nature, too, has rights. Reforming the voracious appetites of the moneyed interests and of the military-industrial complex will not be enough. Look all around you at the degraded environment, at the suffering of the peoples of the world longing for food in their mouths and for the kind of leadership that could relieve their pain and give us all a reasonable chance to move forward.

The crisis of America is first and foremost a moral crisis that has moved us away from the fact that we have a physical situation that demands physical solutions to have even the possibility of peace, sustainability and justice. We must now stop the wars, stop the torture, stop the criminal corruption and the lies, stop the theft of the commonwealth, stop the surveillance of the innocent, stop all the polluting, stop the suppressions of true innovation. You must courageously lead us into a state of truth and reconciliation of our culture and stop the acting and pretending that authentic change is what you say you intend to create, because that isn’t what you’re doing—yet anyway.

I suggest to you that we need to define what is meant by “change.” The change you could believe in and you have often expressed is what we might call incremental change. These are the small rhetorical feel-good kinds of changes that separate Democrats from Republicans, the liberals from the conservatives, the Tweedledees from the Tweedledums, all inhabiting a narrow spectrum of ineffective “centrism,” holding onto power for dear life as Rome burns. These are the kinds of changes that got you elected as you navigated through the narrow passage between the special interests and the appearance of a public interest.

Beyond all that, we could consider what one might call a progressive structural change, such as eliminating electoral fraud, serving justice upon past criminality in high places, reregulating Wall Street, restoring the Constitution and the rule of law, re-establishing the “real economy” based on productivity rather than gambling away and squandering the public treasury, controlling the excesses of the Pentagon and an imperial aggressive foreign policy, restoring to Congress the power to print money and declare and fund wars, and allocating more resources to health, the environment, education and infrastructure.

Many progressives are desperate to restore this kind of common sense at the structural level and to create another New Deal for the economic crisis. The liberals would be grateful if all that were to happen, just to get us out from the deep hole we now find ourselves in. They would be satisfied to go back to the Clinton and Roosevelt years, to have just a bit more common sense in a world-gone-mad. Even some degree of neoliberalism, or ecomomic globalization (i.e., exploitation and biocide by other means), might seem sort of OK, in this view. Yet we know these measures are not OK legally or morally; they are only the actions of economic imperialism.

But in today’s world, you must know that even structural changes in and of themselves will produce too little too late, and may be counterproductive in the long run, as we again become lulled into a false sense of security and buy a little more time before the inevitable collapse. Whereas incremental changes address mild corrections that really don’t amount to much, structural changes look at how the current system can be modified to bring things back to where they were in somewhat better times. These approaches can only give us a frame of reference to launch authentic change. What we must have is systemic change to an entirely new paradigm of governance in the public interest that truly addresses the challenges of our times at the level they will need to be met.

Structural change cannot truly answer grievous violations of the public trust nor can they answer today’s deepest issues. Only systemic change can do that. Whereas structural change can relieve the stress of a crisis in the short term, it cannot survive the test of time. Structural change can restore some sort of sanity to our systems, it cannot address the systems themselves. We must now challenge the precepts upon which our political, economic and military systems are based. We must deeply question the “isms” upon which we depend such as capitalism, militarism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, centrism, monetary socialism, economic globalism, Zionism, terrorism. A new era must dawn, a new set of systems will need to be put into place in the near future for us to survive. Can you in your heart agree with what I suggest here? Or will you deny the gravity of these problems from your high and removed perch? Will you solely rely on probably misinformed and outdated advice coming from your cabinet and your staff? For you to advocate and map out systemic change, you will need all the help you can get from other quarters.

What would a world of positive systemic change look like? Generally, it should have the following features in which you will need to take the lead:

1. Restore the letter and spirit of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is the most major structural change we should do immediately.

2. Fearlessly initiate a program of truth and reconciliation, overseen by a jury of citizens without vested interests in the current system. Truth-telling cannot any longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory. The greatest conspirators are now holding all the political and economic cards and they must be exposed, whether it be electoral fraud, excessive private campaign financing, illegal surveillance, torture, illegal war, false flag operations, pollution or the embezzlement of the public treasury. All these things, and many more, will need to come to the light of public scrutiny. The process of reconciliation seeks to return us to the rule of law and to serve justice upon those who have violated it, with fairness and compassion for all.

3. Dissolve or stop funding those influential institutions with agendas that are blocking change toward global peace, justice and sustainability. Start over. Dismiss the leaders of most of our public institutions and build new ones from the ground up. Stop funding those private institutions that dip into the public treasury in ways that are clearly immoral and unproductive. This will require a courageous stand to dissolve the current federal bureaucracy as it is (Dod, CIA, NSA, the current treasury, the FBI, Department of Justice (sic), Department of Energy, etc.). Expose international institutions such as the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, the Federal Reserve and other central banks, big oil, big pharma, big agriculture, weapons manufacturers, and other groups representing existing elite monied interests. The current priorities of the U.S. federal government and of globalist New World Order organizations directly fly in the face of what we must do to survive the crisis of civilization. We need a clean-up like we’ve never seen before and some heads are likely to roll. So be it. The world can only be thankful for getting out from under this oppression.

4. Start over the entire systems of federal and global governance. Yes, we can still have a Constitutional executive, legislative and judicial system. We can still have a (much smaller) military, a justice department, an energy department, a treasury, publicly funded health care, environmental protection, quality education, infrastructure and all the rest. Yes, we can formulate a transition strategy to convert institutions and manpower toward the public interest, free of vested powers. Yes, we can convert our massive military, dirty energy and aerospace capabilities toward innovation in energy, the environment, food, water, health, education and infrastructure. Yes, we can create an Earth corps to clean up the environment instead of having of an aggressive Army, Navy and Air Force. We can do all this without workers having to lose their jobs. Yes, we can come to peace with the rest of the world through diplomacy and compassion. The world awaits a restoration of good will coming from a rogue nation that has outlived its usefulness as a warmongering and fearmongering empire.

5. Form a global green democracy whose agenda would be almost diametrically opposed to the New World Order agenda. Representatives of all nations must come together to formulate and enforce a system that would ensure peace, sustainability and justice for all peoples, while encouraging local rule wherever possible. In no case should special interests, money or secrecy determine the agendas of these governments. At the root of this should be the principles of life, liberty, equality, justice, peace and sustainability.

6. Fearlessly foster (suppressed) innovation such as free energy. Any systemic change will require our utmost attention to honestly assess those new sciences and technologies that can change the world. Only these systemic changes will be able to open the door to authentic transformation of the culture. We must get beyond the rhetoric of weak policies that would only slightly mitigate the effects of global climate change and pollution. We’ll have to think outside the box and get into the meat of the matter. We should quickly develop those energy sources that are truly cheap, clean, safe and decentralized, such as vacuum energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen technologies. No existing technologies such as solar, wind or biofuels are up to most of the task; we will need to innovate and transcend the promotions of the multitude of special interests that become vested in this or that existing technology. I urge you to consider the truth of breakthrough clean energy before you embark on dangerous climate engineering projects such as spewing particles into the atmosphere. Persuing the latest fad can only cloud our judgment and action. No existing public or private institution wants to support these hidden truths and so it will become necessary to dissolve those institutions vested in old ways and start new ones that can support rather than suppress the deeper truths and opportunities of our times. The unsung heroes of innovation will need all the help they can get to team together in an Apollo program for new energy development, frontier science and consciousness. These research and development projects will become the cornerstones of a whole new civilization that could save us from ourselves and from those of us who insist that change can only be incremental or structural.

Mr. President, you must know we all are entering the gravest crisis the world has ever experienced and that the situation can be addressed only by implementing the kinds of systemic changes listed above. Many of us are willing to support these efforts in team-work with you. I believe you will have no other choice but to move into these changes briskly. Otherwise, the degree of unrest, fear and repression will be too great to allow us to act without further violence, totalitarian control and ecological and economic collapse. We don’t want that kind of world, we want to have room in which to innovate our way from the very systems that have become so decadent, so destructive, so tyrannical.

Is this an impossible task? Not if we act radically, decisively and quickly. We can only try. Crisis breeds opportunity. It is time to restore the ideals upon which our nation was founded. We have grievously lost our way from practicing those principles. We are also rapidly losing a natural environment that can nurture us all on this fragile spaceship we call Earth.

Mr. Obama, I appeal to your intelligence, wisdom and compassion to begin to facilitate the dialogue that will allow us to create those new systems that can foster the kind of future world we really want to enjoy for ourselves, our children and their children. I in no way mean my critique to be personal, I only want to help build a fire under all of us to begin the journey toward an exciting and positive new paradigm. Thank you.

--Brian O’Leary, Ph.D.,
April 2009


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