Upcoming Events

Events for 2012 may be posted in the future.  Keep checking.  We also are interested in proposals you might have on retreat themes, teachers, timings, or interest in residencies on the subjects of peace, sustainability, justice, the arts, new science, consciousness research, yoga, etc.

My blog describes the burning issues we will be addressing in our conferences and workshops: the free energy conundrum, the imperiled Western Amazon region, ending the imperial stalemate, the deep ecology of the collective mind and of nature, and awakening the creative spirit within.  In each area, we will be addressing not only the "what is" questions, but also the "how to" questions, to translate our crises into creative opportunities.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to know more about the upcoming events at Montesueños then please contact us at info@montesuenos.org.