Montesueños: A center for peace, sustainability, the arts and new science.

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Montesuenos and dog


“Montesueños is a masterpiece of creativity. Every room is uniquely different. Beautiful original art and photographs throughout...Resonates gracefully universal peace and harmony… Outside an extravaganza of floral variety accompanies you as you view the sacred mountains that cradle the sacred valley below, famous for longevity. Long live Montesueños! A veritable vortex for new energy, truth, and universal peace.”

-Sam Butler
San Jose, Costa Rica


“Montesueños is the most beautiful place I have ever seen on Earth.”

-Carol Rosin


"Yet another wonderful stay at Montesueños. When I sleep here, I hear sweet music in my mind, and wake up thinking 'wow, where did that come from?' Really! There's something wonderful about the energy here, something that we all want to have more of and that you've manifested through your work. Of course, I'll be back and will be looking forward to the flowers, the mountains and of course your unparalleled hospitality,"                                                   

-Eric Salter
Cuenca, Ecuador


Brian and Meredith at Waterfall


“You’ve done a magnificent job with creating your center. It is one of the most creative buildings on the planet. I look forward to participating in many exciting seminars there with you.”

-Eleanor LeCain
Washington, D.C.


“Montesueños is a place built with the soul of artists. It has the spirit of place that blends with the magical qualities of Vilcabamba. It is a blessing to have both Montesueños, and Brian and Meredith in my life’s journey.”

-Charles Feil
Bisbee, Arizona


"Your place is so wonderful.  Meredith, it is your massive sculpture, isn't it?  What a wonderful memory of the repast we enjoyed together. Thank you!"

-Rev. Joel Baehr
Mesa, Arizona


Rainbow and Guarango


“Staying with Meredith and Brian in Montesueños was the highlight of our South American trip. Thank you for your hospitality and for putting together so much beauty and warmth in your magical place. We are in Sao Paulo now. Probably the most contrasting place with Vilcabamba.”

-Sergio Lub
Napa, California


“Thank you, thank you for the wonderful and enjoyable time we spent with you in your beautiful creation of your unique, artistic, comfortable centre, surrounded by pretty gardens and lovely pathways, and crowned by the majestic waterfall with rocks and crystals. It is surely a magical and powerful space which you have both created and you can be very proud of the results of your planning, work, determination, patience, and holding the vision for all this time. Again, our very warm congratulations! We loved the quiet, scenic beauty of overlooking the Vilcabamba Valley…the energies are wonderful there, and powerful. We so much appreciated your kind hospitality during our stay.”

-Karen Butler
San Jose, Costa Rica


"Montesuenos is a fusion of mind, heart, and spirit! Beautiful and inspiring, it is becoming a valuable resource for opening minds and
hearts to new dimensions of understanding."

-Dr. Will Tuttle,
author of The World Peace Diet


Meredith in studio


“Thank you again for the magical time we spent with you at beautiful Montesueños. I really enjoyed the beauty of your centre as well as the mountains that surround you…it is truly a paradise!”

-Rosemary Zitek
San Jose, Costa Rica


“Montesueños needs to be on the cover of Architectural Digest!”

-Jon Cypher


“We miss your beautiful centre and garden home…I want one like yours in (Costa Rica)

-Bonnie Casper
San Jose, Costa Rica


Monkey-cat with misty mountains


"No where, but no where, have I experienced such a special place! One's eyes are drawn from one detail to another quickly creating a special and unique connectivity with the hosts and the elements, all combining into something that expands beyond the limits of three dimensions. Thank you my friends...Verdaderamente, la vida es bella!"

-Douglas Rutherford
Topeka, Kansas


"WOW! AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! No one word can describe Montesueños. You have to stay here to get the full feeling, surroundings and serenity. I have never relaxed this much in my life! Waking up to the smell of flowers, sunshine, tranquil rains, butterflies, I slept like a baby!! Brian and Meredith (super hosts) make you feel SO comfortable, I feel like it was my house and not only there as a guest, also internet when I needed it. Great jazz piano playing, and jazz music. Great food, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, great fires in the fireplace, fiestas and meeting people and more...views of Mandango, Vilcabamba, Podocarpus, the list goes on and on. The art work is unbelievable! The flow of Montesueños' artistic decor and its uniqueness make it all undescribable until you are here for a while. Over 250 pigs (not live ones), you will never find them all!! Seda is the best dog. Brian and Meredith, I can't thank you enough for these memories!!"

-Jack Kaplan
Roswell, Georgia (not NM!)


"Your spectacular place with grand possibilities never left our hearts. We truly enjoyed visiting with you."

-Madeleine Tuttle,
visionary artist


Montesuenos Christmas 2006


“I ran across your web site with pictures of your completed centre and it is everything and more than I saw under construction—you really did something special, just as I said thirty-six times—each time I came to see it at various stages—no trained architect or builder could top what you’ve accomplished. You truly listened to your hearts and spirits and the exercise speaks for itself—and the picture of Meredith in her studio is a picture of an artist at home. I wish you well in your environment and many visitations in spirit—you’ve earned it and deserve it.”

-Jeff L., architect and builder
Dallas, TX


“Thank you both for opening your centre to me last week when I was in Vilcabamba. Your house is an obvious reflection of both of you, revealing your wonderful energy and passions…an evolving work of art and life…hard not to be caught up in its many secret places and in your dreams. Having traveled to over 40 countries, I was surprised to find myself so enamored with Ecuador…the land as well as the people…Needless to say, the short visit with you was not only delightful, but memorable.”

-Barbi Reed
Sun Valley, ID


"Our stay was like a breath of fresh air, like a happy, gurgling, sparkling cascade of water--refreshing, renewing.  Our children, Miranda, Sebastian and Andrew delighted in the discovery of hidden nooks and crannies, bathing in the waterfall pool, toasting marshmellows on the fire.  A colourful array of nature's gifts and human effort and love....Fairies and nature spirits can visit the fairy houses that are hidden in the beautiful gardens.  Sharing your wonderful space and being in your company has been a real pleasure--inspirational!"

Danica Wild


South west side of the house from above


"Finally a place in the world where you can kick back and relax in order to quietly think about the solutions to the planet's quandaries. A well-prepared environment that will help many to see the light in a light way, and hopefully thus create a vortex of real change. Perfect soil for the growth of positive ideas...inspiring in more that one way."

Leonardo Wild


"Thank you so much for a wonderful everything!!! †My recent stay at Montesueños convinced me to make an offer to buy some land in the neighborhood. This coming from a seasoned world-traveling real estate person is really saying something, I don't leap before I look, but the views and ambiance here are so extraordinary and unique, I had to do it . It is so beautiful and peaceful at your place... the artistic, architectural and botanical touches are outrageously relaxing while inviting in an energetic and creative spirit. The idea of jumping on my horse and coming over to you guys for a visit just pushes me over the top."

"I am looking forward to downloading all my pics and reliving what a great time I had. I can't thank you both enough. My brother Timmy really had a great time too."

-Mary O’Donnell
Plymouth, Massachusetts


“A wonderfully inspiring sanctuary, meeting place and home, filled with lovely organic architectural innovations and beautiful visionary art. Amazing gardens, full of surprises and stunning views. A photographer's paradise.”

“We were completely charmed by Montesueños' creators, brilliant and fun-loving Hobbit-Humans, Brian and Meredith, and their amazing spotted icon-dog, Seda. We have fond memories of hanging out together, in silence and in heart-felt conversation, in front of the fireplace at night. Or, seated around the Spotted Hog dining salon, in conversations that ranged the universe - from astronomy and physics to art and technology, to politics and environment....and, most frequently, ways we can collaborate in ushering in a world of
peace and sustainability.”

“We feel deeply inspired by what you have created and are very grateful for the time we have been able to share with you in your amazing "Mountain of Dreams". Thank you for everything!!”

In Partnership to create the new world of which we all dream,

-Norie Huddle and Richard Wheeler
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


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