Space-based Zapping of Freedom:
How to become a victim of new tyrannies previously unimagined

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., December 2003

It is the year 2008. You walk out the door of wherever you might be under clear skies. Then zap! you fall to your death by a high-powered laser. The assailant is nowhere in sight. He or she sits in a control room in a bunker somewhere remotely controlling a laser battlestation orbiting 100 miles above you, boresighted with a telescope gazing upon you. And then, within a fraction of a second, the command is given and ZAP! You're dead. Whoops, another case of collatoral damage. Sorry, you're not the one we're looking for. Oh, I guess they gave the wrong coordinates. Oh well.

Control from space: Is this the future we want?
Science fiction? Not if the Bush administration gets its way. An insidious plan first entertained by the Reagan administration, and since debunked, called "Star Wars" is being resurrected.

Unknown to the vast majority of American citizens are the quiet beginnings of a new project which could spell disaster for the human race. History informs us that the command of the land, the seas and the air have led to the military supremacy for the state which first develops it. The United States under the Bush team wants to be first once again, this time seizing the high ground, but with no regard for the desperate needs of society or the planet.

According to their rationale, space is next. We've seen the plans of the U.S. Space Command,"Full-Spectrum Dominance" from space. But what this really means is the ability to kill from space, anyone, anywhere with relatively benign weapons such as lasers (oh, I forgot, you were just killed by one because you were mistaken for Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein or an expanding list of enemies or just about anybody on the planet hunted or in harm's way, or maybe you're already a target of the mafioso-from-the-sky anyway). Or perhaps the U.S. could lob a bunker-blaster nuke from orbit, or brilliant pebbles. Or whatever.

This isn't missile defense, this is civilization-obliterating offense, destabilizing, expensive, unnecessary, robbing those R&D priorities which could go to restore the environment and to pursue the peaceful uses of space. We must stop this before it's too late.

Prospects for deploying space-based weapons has been hidden from public view. It's another media-blackout-before-it's-too-late scenario. The key is the Bush Administration's missile defense system, now going ahead with a public treasury funding of billions. Such a program directly leads to space-based weapons, which are being snuck in the back door, curiously beyond the "watchdogs" of the media and most of Congress.

Missile defense leads to space offense. As soon as we support these fantasies with our spread-thin resources, there will be more upheaval. We cannot allow that to happen. Haven't we already learned about the lies and misappropriated funds towards the Pentagon, or shall we allow more billions to be sucked into a bottomless vortex of funds and efforts which would surely mortage our future and that of our children?

Research and development form the thin edge of a wedge for newly vested interests. Today's multimillion dollar blueprints become tomorrow's multi-billion and multi-trillion dollar projects. We must now unite as a national and world community to support the Space Preservation Act and Space Preservation Treaty to protect the planet from almost sure destruction ( This new "arms race" has become an arms trade under the aegis of a new imperialism based in America.

We must stop this program, now. We must become more aware, more educated towards the true implications of an upward spiral of the arms race which would make nuclear energy a mere child-in-waiting for the holocaust. We must, as American citizens, render this madness obsolete before more harm can be done.

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