The New Apollo Program
Excerpt from "Re Inheriting the Earth: Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths".
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Brian O'Leary, copyright 2000

As the new millennium dawns, I see hope for us and for reversing the human-caused pollution of the Earth. The changes and adventure will be exciting and challenging for us, yet time is running out. I believe solutions are there, and can be enhanced if we transcend our denial of emerging truths based on suppressed experiments in new science, new energy, healing, consciousness, hemp production and evidence for contact with nonhuman intelligence and our eternal being. I believe we have the potential to make the needed changes, but we are going to have to let go of many worn-out, vested interests and begin to empower ourselves toward solutions.

The birth of this process, as almost always, comes from "necessity being the mother of invention." It is clear to me that we as a species must begin to come back into balance with the biosphere. We must create a sustainable future so that we may once again inherit the Earth. Not to do so will be a deterioration of the quality of life for our children at best, and global extinction at worst.

As a little boy I always wanted to go into space. There was no space program then. Many of my teachers thought I was just a dreamer. Then Sputnik went up in 1957, when I first entered college. Ten short years later I became an Apollo scientist-astronaut destined to go to Mars. Soon after, NASA cancelled the Mars-exploration part of the program. I went on to other things, but I got to experience the feeling of anticipating what it would be like to go to the red planet.

The Apollo Moon program taught me many valuable lessons. I saw it as a crowning human achievement, an example of what we can do as a culture when we put our minds to it. This was an extraordinary, historic achievement -- "one step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". To me, the Apollo program epitomized the best of our collective human potential and authentic power. It gave me a valuable reference point for the future, which I'll explain soon.

Some years later, as a faculty member in the physics department at Princeton University, I began to have some personal experiences that I couldn't explain within the traditional science I was teaching. At some risk to my credibility as a mainstream scientist, I began to dream again like the little boy looking through the telescope at Mars and wanting to go there. I questioned the beliefs of materialism and reductionism as being the most general case of our reality. As I stepped ever further out of the cultural box, I grew and groaned tremendously, losing my visibility and credibility among colleagues.

I asked, "How can the scientific method be applied to studying experiences such as psychic healing, transcendental consciousness, survival after death, communication with nonhuman intelligence, crop circles, and many other things that demand unbiased examination?" I was at first surprised to discover that these fields were scientifically further developed than I had imagined, but none of them had yet been integrated into the mainstream. Some of them had, in fact, been suppressed.

I began to learn that many basic principles of consciousness and our multi-sensory being are being confirmed by experiments in quantum mechanics, psychokinesis, alternative healing, clairvoyance and zero point energy generation. I am encouraged that more and more scientists are breaking ranks with their materialistic biases to take the courageous stand that our consciousness is the ground of all being. In my opinion, materialism is but a limiting case of reality and we are on the threshold of a new paradigm which will provide the means for a new renaissance in human affairs. We can learn a lot from what many spiritual leaders and mystics have been talking about for a long time.

My current passion is to release our enormous human potential to balance the Earth's environment. This massive task needn't neccessarily force us to immediately adopt radical new technologies before they are thoroughly researched and debated. Free energy is a dramatic example of what could be done to transcend our polluting ways, but we will need to learn to use this resource wisely. Just in case this is abused by military interests, I would go for low technology solutions as backup, for example, hemp biomass, solar, and wind power.

I have witnessed and researched a dazzling array of solutions to our global challenges. These will require an increasing awareness of clean technologies, ever further probing our potentials as multisensory beings, and socially inventing those structures and procedures with which to make the necessary changes.

We in America inherit a revolutionary tradition of freedom, one which is threatened by environmental neglect. Our people enjoy unprecedented abundance. We therefore have an opportunity as never before to empower ourselves into bold resolutions. Do we have the will to join in community to dare to dream of a mega-Apollo project for the environment? I believe we do, but we need to examine the ways in which we can come together to discuss and debate our millennial solutions. This will require an inner-motivated authentic power, free of the ego-traps of greed, denial and self-interest.

This new project could spin off many others, such as world peace, abundant food, and the opportunity to evolve to higher states of being as citizens of the universe. Many more of us may soon discover that we are not alone in the cosmos as sentient beings, and that our awareness never dies.

Governments will have to change radically, and learn how, at last, to convert swords to plowshares. Private industry will have to change, too, so that the ecology and all humanity will profit from every successful business endeavor. We must re-invent what is meant by the collective global interest, and keep refining it so that our new direction will be felt enthusiastically by all. We could convene a council of elders, based on an inspired Declaration of Interdependence, to oversee this project.

I believe the global situation calls for decisive social action. It is time to consider and debate all reasonable solutions. Then we will be on track. Most of all, we need not be afraid to feel our feelings, to grieve the past and then to look at transcendent solutions based on our greater essence. They will require nothing less than our most inspiring, inner-directed compassion and love for all creation. We are at a critical crossroads now, and we must act now. It is time to walk through the void to the miracles that lie ahead, together.

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