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"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."

-Albert Einstein

Artist:  Meredith Miller

Early October 2001:

Dear Friends,

Meredith and I landed in Paris on the afternoon of September 11, the moment of the terrorist attacks. We feel deep grief about what has happened, but are proceeding on our lecture tour of Europe, as planned. Our European friends are most sympathetic and we have also created many useful public and private dialogues. More than ever, I believe we are going to need to have a deeper look at our overdependence on oil as well as to look at ways we can help the oppressed peoples of the world. Compassion and justice are the key words now, as we move into global solutions.

     More than ever, I am convinced that conceptual solutions to our deepest environmental, social and spiritual concerns do exist; that distraction, denial and greed are preventing the information we really need to hear from getting out.  Yes, the coming prospects of free energy, consciousness and a sustainable future may seem uncomfortable for some, but it is time to discuss and debate the issues about what could be done to eliminate pollution, hunger, warfare, despair and unmitigated growth.

Writing my new book has been an immense challenge not only because of the need to critique our polluting ways and the challenge to our democracy, but because I mix two topics which have traditionally been separated: a sustainable future and greater truth, including up-to-date results in new science, immortalilty research and UFO/ET disclosure. As a result I have not yet found an English-language publisher, but it will be out in Portugese this autumn (!?). The topic is just to hot for most publishers to handle, but if you have any leads, I'd like to hear from you.

During September and October 2001 we are touring Europe (see presentation schedule) and offering new material on Re-Inheriting the Earth, and presenting a new lecture series "Personal and Planetary Transformation" at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. I'd like to see you somewhere, some time, and thanks for your interest. I hope you will agree there's a big job to do.     

     With all best wishes,
     Brian O'Leary