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"We are no longer inheriting the Earth from our parents;
we are
stealing it from our children."

-David Brower

Artist:  Meredith Miller

Welcome to our new websites, brianoleary. com and As of May 2003, we have made several new announcements, updates, essays and cartoons. We are offering a new program Yuba Seminars in which we will be hosting some summer workshops on our beautiful retreat on the Yuba River. Bring your bathing suits!
And I have a few more excerpts from my new book Re-Inheriting the Earth, along with some recent essays on the issues of war and the energy crisis. I also have new episodes of the lapis pig, who is becoming increasingly popular with webgazers. Meredith has many new paintings with graphics and posters to offer at new low prices.

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New Years 2003

Meredith and I both hope you have had an enjoyable 2002 and that 2003 will be filled with pleasant surprises. This past year for us started with caring for our elderly mothers, and ended with the long-awaited birthing of my new book Re-Inheriting the Earth--with lots of challenge and growth between. In May 2002 we sadly lost Meredith's mother and after settling family affairs, have recently moved on (again!), this time to a rustic riverside house on the Yuba River near the tiny village of Washington... California. During this wet and furious young winter, we've already had frequent and long power and phone outages. With no neighbors within a half mile, the pioneer spirit is still alive for us.

I often gaze upstream, eastwards, toward another Washington over the horizon, a continent apart, whose power has so overwhelmingly been taken over by dark and polarizing forces. As the war drums beat, our precious environment, our civil rights and a healthy economy seem to keep slipping ever further from our hands in spite of the fact that solutions are there (see excerpts from the book). After six and one half years of working on Re-Inheriting the Earth, it finally sits in my hands, manifest now in its plea to awaken not only to a sustainable future but to begin to embrace culturally forbidden greater truths which can help us evolve beyond the polarization that has so swamped the global politics of today.

There is great hope coming from these truths: more and more suppressed experiments are demonstrating clean, cheap and renewable energy and the power of human intention and prayer to alter the material world. An emerging science of consciousness based on these experiments make it clear we can heal ourselves and the Earth. We can also begin to explore the questions of our immortality and cosmic non-aloneness, in spite of media blackouts and ridicule from the powers-that-be. Even lacking these breakthroughs, we have the means now to replace the fossil fuel and nuclear economy with safe solar, wind and hydrogen energy--a realization which should give us comfort as we make the greatest industrial conversion of all time to begin to save the planet.

First, however, we must remove our current leaders in the U.S. from power. Through its repeated and blatant violations of civil and international law and its immoral conduct, the Bush administration has got to go, either through impeachment and/or in 2004 by voting them out. To do this, we'll need to have massive protests and civil disobedience. There seem to be no redeeming qualities of this arrogant, elitist and destructive form of governance. May we soon have the opportunity for new leaders to emerge from this box of darkness, fresh blood for fresh tasks. May we quickly coalesce into civil action as one force advocating freedom, justice, sustainability and peace over our current tyranny. May we find diplomatic and just solutions to violent conflict, in spite of all the propaganda around us promoting war.

Re-Inheriting the Earth was nearly impossible to market to mainstream publishers, because it blends the goal of ecological sustainability with new science topics that have only separate niches. Just as important, though, the book is openly critical of big business in setting our policies, something that the corporate ownership of publishers and media don't want to deal with. So I went it alone as a publisher of this one, even though my eight other books have sold over ten thousand copies each. I am not a mass-marketing type anyhow. Most of my books get out there by word-of-mouth or at a lecture, seminar or radio talk show.

I invite you to browse this site further.I can personally sign books ordered from this website or you can order by credit card through our 800-number or Bookmasters link.

My 2003 lecture and workshop schedule is now forming and will be periodically updated on this website. You'll notice we will be spending a lot of time at the Sivananda yoga ashrams and centers here in Grass Valley and around the world this year. This choice of venues is no accident: last spring I took their famed yoga teacher training course, a one-month intensive that changes lives. This course not only qualifies one to teach traditional yoga classes; it provides a deep experience for self-growth and to tap into an ancient spiritual tradition which is uncannily similar to the new sciences of consciousness. So this year for me is in part about deepening that spiritual connection, about teaching and learning about what can be done about lifting ourselves out of our global decline. I will also be teaching some seminars here on the Yuba this summer, a beautiful natural retreat for self-renewal and learning. Let me know if you'd like to attend.

As we settle here further, may the New Washington symbolize for some of us an alternative setting to form new global governance and policy structures that could really work. Here's wishing we can all move into a happy, prosperous, clean and peaceful 2003 with hope and determination in our hearts.

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.