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"Re Inheriting the Earth: Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths".

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"We are no longer inheriting the Earth from our parents;
we are
stealing it from our children."

-David Brower

Artist:  Meredith Miller

Happy 2004!

And what a year this is shaping up to be. This may be
the biggest political year in American history. The
public at last has an opportunity to not only vote but
to speak out on issues previously suppressed from
public discourse. We have a chance to move towards our
dreams during this window, if we're active.

And so it is fitting this year to be launching the
New Energy Movement (NEM), a broad-based public
non-profit to educate, research and implement cheap,
clean, decentralized and benign energy sources towards
a zero emission planet by 2020. Based on numerous
positive experiments, those of us on the NEM board can
confidently say
we could have a new energy revolution if we only try.
We could lift out of this age of war,
pollution, suppression and greed through innovation.

Most people don't know this potential, so we need to
get the message out as broadly and clearly as
possible. The NEM is be leading some of these efforts
through public outreach. We will be hosting a
conference, a major website, conducting dialogues
and making media and speaking appearances worldwide.
We will be assembling a database of viable options
evaluated for their environmental impact,
availability, affordability, and safety.

I have posted on the fledgling NEM website several
recent essays on new energy issues as well as
installments from my recent popular book
Re-Inheriting the Earth. The book was well-received
by reviewers and discussed on Coast to Coast AM with
George Noory and the Jeff Rense Show.

We seek approximately $1 million funding from
altruistic sources for our first year of full
operations. A funding prospectus will be sent to
serious potential funders by emailing me at

Meredith is making huge strides in her art career,
with dramatic new originals being shown at several
exhibitions. One very popular item for the public are
her Giclee reproductions. This is a new print
technology which is practically indistinguishable from
the original, yet very affordable. Prices for her works will be posted.

The year 2004 is a big travel one for us.
This year, we spend my birthday in Costa Rica and
Meredith's birthday in Capetown, South Africa. We
will be giving several talks and exhibits in both
places and all over the U.S. and Canada.

We will be posting our new Yuba Seminars schedule
for Saturday workshops during July and August. The
2003 program was a big success, with little
advertising. Come join us in this magic summer season
on the Yuba, an unforgettable experience for those who
have visited us in this paradise.

September will be a busy month for giving seminars
in more beautiful settings, after our summer workshops
here on the Yuba: Rangely, Maine; Big Sur, California;
and a Portland, Oregon retreat. Our 2004 Schedule
and Yuba Seminar links will be updated well before
each event, so keep checking. I hope to see you
somewhere sometime during this extraordinary year.

Peace and blessings to all,