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"We are no longer inheriting the Earth from our parents;
we are
stealing it from our children."

-David Brower

Artist:  Meredith Miller

Happy 2006!

This past year was breathlessly transformative for many of us. For Meredith and me, it began with travels to Costa Rica and South Africa with the glimmer of hope that new energy, the cultivation of industrial hemp, the restructuring and recycling of water, alternative medicine and healing, consciousnous science and other solutions could become embraced. In foreign lands, there was a receptiveness not felt in the U.S., including even an interview with the national business newspaper of South Africa about the prospects of new energy, denied in the U.S. But as the year unfolded, things got even more complicated for us both personally and collectively and as a result we’ve made some big changes...

My mom passed over in February 2004 (Mer’s had in 2002) and so we decided it was the end of our tour of duty in our native land, the United States. We just moved to Ecuador! Having recently turned 65 and having moved to an affordable and (mostly) supportive environment, I am celebrating “jubilado” (retired) status as an activist/advisor, author, pianist, puppeteer/cartoonist, living in a beautiful setting in the Andes, with a “build it and they shall come” attitude. Some have asked us, why Ecuador? My flippant answer at the moment is, why not? Something new and wonderful is happening. The weather here is perfect, the people are friendly, local produce is abundant--but I will need to learn Spanish (after all those years of schooling in French, German and Latin). We are creating something new which will be given to the people of the planet, a retreat center for peace and sustainability. Over the coming years, we plan to welcome many outstanding teachers, researchers and students in new science, new energy, yoga and the creative arts. We are teaming with others in our community to provide a set of facilities to engender healing and innovation on global solutions.

Mer is building a new studio for her paintings and for educating others in art. Look for her latest Ecuadorian creations in future postings on her website. We are also building an astronomical observing post . For example, UFO sightings here are frequent. The building complex will comprise over 3500 square feet of creative and educational space surrounded by two acres of beautiful gardens and views. We have here an ideal climate in the 70s during the day and 60s at night, with ample rain and water. There is neither air traffic nor chemtrails.

The recent murders of my dear colleagues Gene Mallove and John Mack accelerated our process of moving. The recent electoral politics and emerging fascism in the U.S , is most repugnant to my soul. Our deteriorating relationship to the U.S. government accelerated this move, reminiscent of those of artists and intellectuals fleeing Germany during the 1930s.We gringos are hated everywhere and it is often an embarrassment to us. The American eagle on our passports carries both olive branches and spears (my new Irish passport has a harp, much better). May our own eagles landing, may our emigration to the land of the condor be a peaceful and productive one, may we be the good gringos. We can perhaps do more to help awaken America from abroad by holding retreats and as a refuge for kindred spirits who also want to experience a peaceful and remote environment in which to envision and activate positive changes away from the Goliath to the North and its insanity of war, pollution and gluttony. After all, is the lapis pig any more insane than what is emerging as the new world empire? All empires fall, and we seem to have found a safe haven here, although no place is really safe. We must all work together to make the best of a difficult global situation.

After founding the New Energy Movement and spinning off its new website, I am re-activating this website, to include essays as well as hoping the ideas presented in my books and tapes might become all the more appropiate for our own survival. This is not about promotion, it’s not about money, I don’t make money from these books. We want to open dialogues on solutions to our deepest dilemmas, to begin the discussions before it’s too late. We also thank Sean Sullivan of England who skillfully webmastered this site pro bono.

In peace and sustainability, Brian.

P.O.Box 258, Loja, Ecuador.

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