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Opening in 2008, Montesueños


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Opening in 2008, Montesueños

"Democracy is not a spectator sport!"

Artist:  Meredith Miller

November 2007 Update:

None of the Above


August 2007 Update:

Call for a Solution Energy Revolution: A Special Message for the Younger Generation


July 2007 Update:

On about July 10, I was scammed by a hacker posing as Yahoo security,
to steal my old email address book, my
access and all.  The identity theft came from a fraudster allegedly
from Nigeria (I don't know anybody there), posing as me, asking for
money.  My new email is, please note.
Anything sent to the old address will probably only prompt a response
from the scammer asking for money--unless you want to offer some and
then set a trap for them.

In August, we have a busy travel and talk schedule:

Aug. 6  Bolinas (CA) Community Center with Leuren Moret
Aug. 7 Sivananda Yoga Farm Ashram, 8:30 pm
Aug. 9-11 Conference on ETs, New Science and Spirit, Mt. Shasta,
Shalomar Productions
Aug. 12  Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, San Francisco, 5:00 pm
Aug. 13 (?)  Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, New York City
Aug. 14-15  United Nations Youth Assembly
Aug. 15-17 (?) Sivananda Yoga Ranch Ashram, Woodburne, NY
Aug. 20-21 Quito, Ecuador, programs to be announced


June 2007 Update:

Dear friend,

Every once in a while, a leader in goverment makes a proposal that can actually help the environment. The new president of Ecuador Rafael Correa has just announced that the government would keep the oil in the ground under one of the most precious and extensive Amazonian jungles on Earth if matching contributions could come from the international community as well (conservation groups, other nations, private donors, investors, debt reductions from banks, combinations of these, etc).

Correa has had enormous pressure from just about everybody (except for environmentalists, indigenous and poor peoples) to start drilling oil on a large tract deep inside the 1 million hectare Yasuni National Park, under which sits at least 1 billion barrels of heavy crude oil, worth over $30 billion at today's prices.

But Yasuni National Park also houses one of the richest, most biodiverse primary rainforests on Earth. It is also a source of clean fresh water, two tribes voluntarily isolated, and an enormous carbon dioxide sink to mitigate global warming. In the long run, the value of this treasure far exceeds anything that could be extracted. The exploitation scenario would surely destroy the region, in similar ways already destroyed further west in the Ecuadorian Oriente. Over the past three decades, Chevron-Texaco had wantonly trashed that environment, contaminating the groundwater and killing off many innocent indigenous Ecuadorians, fauna and flora, and creating a massive wasteland. The oil giant faces a lawsuit of $6 billion to repair some of the damage wrought on the rainforest (see, for Example, Confessionas of an Economic Hit-Man and the other Writings of John Perkins). Actress Darryl Hannah joins thousands of protestors to help restore and preserve this precious ecosystem in the Amazon.

I am working with the Ministry of Energy to help spread the word about the exciting possibility of saving Yasuni from the ravages of humanity’s greed for oil. In Correa's proposal, Ecuador would match funds with donations from the international community to keep the oil in the ground and preserve the ecosystem for all time, under the aegis of a trust fund in partnership with the government and people of Ecuador. Ecuador is a poor country, and this potential sacrifice in short-term revenues to save a significant rainforest is an unprecedented move by a government, and thus provides the rest of us new opportunities to team up and set an example to the world.

The following link explains to you the details of this project. Needed over the first year is $350 million and a projected $3.5 billion over ten years, not that much considering the preciousness of this threatened ecosystem and its importance to preserving the lungs of the Earth.

I will also be posting updates on this urgent undertaking, along with progress on Montesueños, our new retreat center for peace and sustainability in the Ecuadorian Andes, where we will be having conferences on this and other important issues.

Let us know how you can help, what ideas you might have, and please spread the word! Time is short, because contracts for drilling are less than a year off.

Thank you.


2007 Message:

Here’s hoping 2007 becomes a positive year for us all—we deserve it! For Meredith and me, 2006 was both sobering about geopolitics and a fast-forward into ending construction and moving into the 4000-square-foot main building of Montesueños here in the misty-green Andes of remote Ecuador. So far we’ve had about twenty visitors who see the inspiring potential of this place as a creative retreat center which will attract new thinking in the arts, new science and sustainable, peaceful solutions to planetary challenges. Meredith has also opened her art studio and gallery and is actively painting and mentoring students. Her latest project is a lush 50-foot bathing waterfall. And my new piano just arrived. I’m already jamming with relaxing jazz. Artistic and musical expression will be a centerpiece of our unfolding curriculum.

2007 also promises to be a banner year for new energy. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has asked me to prepare legislation to support the hundreds of unsung ineventors with their breakthrough clean energy technologies. My recent essays Call for a New Energy Revolution, invited by the U.K. World Innovation Foundation, of which I am a Fellow, and the Open Letter to Al Gore, are drawing more commentary from those of us who are becoming increasingly aware of the gravity of the global climate crisis and of the need for considering previously suppressed outside-the-box solutions. These have also created a renewed interest in my 2003 book Re-Inheriting the Earth, which is also now out in Spanish.We have taken and will take several trips to the U.S., Costa Rica and Canada. Also, very unexpectedly, the United Nations invited me to give a keynote speech on renewable energy at the International Energy Conference and Exhibition in South Korea in February. The resulting article "Renewable and Unconventional Energy for a Sustainable Future: Can we convert in time?" is what I consider my most definitive and up-to-date piece yet--on the heels of the grim report now out on the U.N. Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change. The debate on solutions is intense, as we weigh all the choices (more fossil fuels, nuclear, biofuels, solar, wind...or new energy?). My speech builds on the traditional renewables to help ease us into more political acceptablity of new energy.The political situation in my native America seems to have declined to new lows of warmongering, injustice, insensitivity and environmental neglect. On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, we traveled to Washington, D.C. where I gave a speech in front of the White House in a protest rally among thirty stalwarts seeking the truth of so many things that have been viciously covered up. The future of our once-great country and the planet are imperiled by outrageous violence, greed and apathy—and it doesn’t have to be that way if we the people demand a stop to all this and support truly peaceful and sustainable solutions.But the fears and distractions are so great, not the least of which were pangs I felt when watching the Google video of my White House speech about seven minutes into it, when two men advanced along the roof of la Casa Blanca, evidently poised to snipe at me. Given our remoteness yet ability to make careful studies of more penetrating and truthful news (mostly from abroad) on Internet sites and deeper exploration about what’s behind the insanity of our government, military and multinational corporate heads, we cannot help but feel extremely sad and embarrassed to be Americans. And even the progressive news barely scratches the surface. It’s as if our leaders are possessed robots over which neither we nor our well-intentioned legislators’ sapped spirits have any apparent control, as in a bad dream. Who’s really in charge? Is there, as some researchers suggest, an Illuminati agenda behind all this, or are these people truly power-crazed lunatics? We should demand that Congress deny funding for these wars, for dirty energy, and for unaccountable Cold-War-bred black operations and exotic weapons already being used against innocent victims throughout the world. And we should demand that Congress impeach the president and vice-president! All it takes is a simple majority to do these things, no more equivocation, triangulation and endless spinning of the truth.Journalists merely echo this totally warped context of “reality”. For example, on Election night 2006, we saw on CNN only pundits, mostly men, sitting around a table like sportscasters, mouthing platitudes that have nothing to do with the truth behind the elections or how they might help society move towards true solutions. Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Yet it is treated as such. Americans are asleep at the wheel, and it seems now, the solutions will have to come from a motivated, intelligent, activist and conscious public. Maybe that’s one reason why Meredith and I created Montesueños, as a quiet setting for reflection and action, free of the distractions of the city, career, fear, and reactive thinking.

On a lighter note, I have added three new episodes to the lapis pig series. Episode 9 introduces the ivory pig muppet, politics, and concerns the lapis pig’s dream of developing our sacred valley here with noise, oil wells, U.S. military helicopters, and of course, an enormous statue of the pig himself. Episode 10 depicts the postures of a new yoga movement called Seda yoga. In the midst of exploiting the Ecuadorian environment in order to raise funds for his statue, the lapis pig hits the road again, representing the Bush administration's interest in partnering with North Korea to take over the world through nuclear blackmail (Episode 11), only to be humiliated again by the likes of the golden laughing Buddhas and golden mocking pigs.  Stay tuned for Episode 12, in which he precedes Bush on a visit to the pope at the Vatican in Rome to consolidate the New World Order and One Global Currency, only to be distracted by the Boar of Assissi.

The month of May this year proved to be an important one: Meredith and I travelled to Montreal to speak at the annual Int'l Inst. of Integral Human Sciences conference ( and went on a Mediterranean cruise ( to speak about new energy and truth-telling in general (911 truth, war truth, new energy truth, electoral fraud truth, fiscal truth, UFO truth, etc).  Also I appeared on the History Channel on a special about astronauts and UFO cover-ups.  They came all the way down to Montesueños to do the filming. May we lighten up our spirits and enjoy this year, filled with laughter and raised consciousness, mixed with an authentic desire to seek the truth, reconcile it in our hearts, and move into those actions we will need to take to save our precious planet.

We thank Sean Sullivan for his expert webmastering of this site.

For the Earth, Brian.

P.O.Box 258, Loja, Ecuador.

E-mail : Dr Brian O'Leary