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Earlier in 2009,  the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) solicited concept papers for funding innovative energy technology research and development.  Some of us who have followed free energy developments were cautiously optimistic about these developments, because, up until now, the DoE has been in denial about anything beyond solar and wind, and even spends a pittance on the traditional renewables compared to the untold hundreds of billions of dollars they spend on research on fossil fuel technologies (hydrocarbons) and nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

So my colleague Wade Frazier ( and I decided to draft a concept paper to the DoE.  Our idea was really quite simple: (1) poll the American public about their attitudes toward the POSSIBILITY of a breakthrough decentralized clean energy economy and making the transition from our current polluting multitrillion dollar energy mix as painless as possible; and (2) advising the DoE about the most promising R&D options, and safe implementation and transition strategies, free of vested interests.  Part of our philosophy in designing this task was that, by its very nature, if our future energy were to be truly "free," then our own effort should be of minimal cost for the taxpayer.  We therefore asked for $1 (plus occasional travel, as needed) to support our proposed task.

Needless to say, the proposal was turned down, but we can only hope that some technologies will be supported by the DoE under this program.  Or is this effort just another attempt to cover up the most promising technologies?  Time will tell.


Dear friends,

Meredith and I returned from a five-week odyssey on three continents, very stimulated about the new connections made and the ideas shared. We are more optimistic about new openings for humankind, new agendas with hope for us all. But we need to stand up for the truth and to forgive the past.

On August 22 and 23 we hosted the Energy-Environment-Economics-Education-Ethics conference here at Montesueños, and it was a great success!  The attendance of about thirty, although a bit lower than our other offerings, was unique for attracting people who are already here in Ecuador for other reasons (locals, people coming in from other Ecuadorian locations, and people touring the area or looking for a place to live).  This event was therefore a minimal carbon-footprint conference, and also a gathering of like minds aware that we must try out things totally new, in order to survive and thrive in these times. We also had a chance to go into more depth about confronting the leading issues of our time with honesty and with an openness to radically positive solutions such as free energy.

It feels like a tribe is gathering here, and, in the future this argues for having week-long workshops among kindred spirits to develop strategies for transforming our gluttonous and warmongering ways toward a new ethic that protects, respects and celebrates all of life through cooperation rather than competition.  So look for future announcements about unique gatherings we plan to have here at Montesueños during 2010.  Meanwhile, we are still open for our B&B service here.

Personally, Meredith and I are taking a well-deserved rest from our very public lives over the past two months spanning three continents, including more than a dozen presentations in eight widely-scattered locations; some of my presentations are video-linked to this site.  In September, I will be posting an assimilated version of this important period of our lives, both in terms of observations and reactions to the big picture, and how they might fit into the bigger picture about humanity's struggle with malevolence, injustice and arrogance among our leaders.  We MUST change our ways, and some of the polarizations we're seeing along the way are signs we are beginning to awaken from the deep slumber of denial and are moving into the anger-and-acceptance phases of grieving the old paradigm and opening to the new.  These are extraordinary times!

The Five E’s Workshop Picture 1

The Five E’s Workshop Picture 2

Update, August 18:

On the eve of hosting our next Monteusueños-Vilcabamba gathering with George Green, Leonardo Wild, Susan Davis and myself presenting, Meredith and I recently got back from an extraordinary (and exhausting) odyssey on three continents.  Speaking at the annual IIIHS conference in Montreal (, the Sivananda ashram in Val-Morin, Quebec, Canada, we then traveled to Europe to present at the New World Conference in Zurich (note the "orb" in the photograph, taken during a break during my speech there); and finally at the European Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, where over 1000 people and 100 media people attended.  The topic of disclosure of UFO/ET contacts and the (suppressed) potential of free energy were lively topics during all conferences we participated in.  In London, we met with key activist environmentalists at Humanitad, a non-profit group dedicated to creating a sustainable future, who just won a United Nations award for their efforts to help fulfill the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals.  We are planning future projects for Ecuador such as reforestation and energy innovation.  In a couple of months, I will be posting a more detailed account of this Grand Tour, including some thoughts and feelings on the quality of the unusual outside-the-box information presented--what weight should we put on verifiable versus non-verifiable information?  Basically, how do we know what we know and what DO we really know?

The Europe tour began with a return to the Matterhorn in Switzerland, the first time I got to see it since I climbed to the top 47 years ago!  It looks every bit as imposing as it had then, and I sometimes wonder how I could have done it.  Ah, to be young again...we also toured the beauty of West Cork, Ireland, land of my heritage and new citizenship as well.  I even got to see a castle built by and occupied by the O'Leary clan for the past 500 years now it's for sale...but definitely a fixer-upper.  More to come in a later posting....


"Democracy is not a spectator sport!"

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Montesueños is now open for Bed & Breakfast and weekly group rentals of our guest house!


Room rates at Montesueños are generally $25 per person per night for double occupancy, $35 per person for singles.

With several successful conferences on transformational issues now under our belts, over the coming year or so, we will be scheduling more conferences and workshops every few months, and most of the in-between-times will be open for our B&B service.  We are now offering a new group program in which we rent the entire Doves Nest guest house for $1500 a week.  Growing in popularity, this program gives groups traveling together an opportunity to really relax privately in a beautiful view setting with four bedrooms, each with a private bath, the full use of a modern kitchen, Internet connections and lots of gardens and patios.  It's best to make your reservation early so that you can have the run of the whole house at a time of your own choosing.

We regret we don't take credit cards or personal/traveler's checks, and ask for payments for accomodations in dollars in advance.

Each room is artistically unique and has a private bath in a comfortable, quiet garden and/or view setting. Breakfast, Internet connections, and the use of kitchen facilities are included. Write us at for reservations and further questions.

-Brian and Meredith


Fall 2009 special at the Montesueños B&B, stay six nights, spend the seventh night free!

Also, the price of weekly group stays at our entire guest house have been reduced by 33%.

Starting September 1, 2009, and until further notice, we will be encouraging one-week stays or longer, and so we are offering the seventh (and fourteenth, etc.) night of any stay here for free.  Also, we are reducing our group special for the rental of the entire Doves Nest guest house from $1500 per week to $1000 per week.  With four to five bedrooms with private baths, full use of a modern kitchen and Internet connections, this would be the perfect retreat for groups or families of 4 to 10.  Please write us at to reserve your space.


We thank Sean Sullivan for his expert webmastering of this site.

For the Earth, Brian.

P.O.Box 258, Loja, Ecuador.

E-mail : Dr Brian O'Leary



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