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Reflections on alternative energy, the Green Movement and preserving Ecuador's bio diversity


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2010 Log: This is the Year that Was


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Montesueños: Opened in 2008 and growing ever since!


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Consciously Designing our Personal and Collective Future


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The Energy Solution Revolution

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The Turquoise Revolution

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The Ecuador Initiative

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Innovation in Communities: Overcoming ignorance about what is possible


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Call for an Energy Solution Revolution


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Reflections on my Seventieth Birthday


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Copenhagen Climate Cacophony


2009 Message - Open appeal to Mr. Obama


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UFO sighting at Montesueños-Vilcabamba, Ecuador


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Video presented at the United Nations, 10-10-10

(an Eleventh Hour Appeal for a Truly Sustainable Future)

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September 2010 Update

Brian at home

On August 24, I suffered a heart attack (my second in 20 years) and went into intensive care for three days.  Now I'm happily home safe and sound and at last feel a great deal more comfortable and serene than what seemed to be an eternity of experiences over the week of Aug. 24-27.

It's been quite an experience with the high-flying world of hospitals and pharmaceuticals (even in lower-cost Ecuador), and it was quite an ordeal to extricate myself from their grips and their various reasons to keep me there (and spend more money I didn't have).  Anyhow, I'm free and am looking forward to a regimen of natural healing.

Other parts of my life are being re-examined too.  I find for example, one great source of heart-unsupportive activity is addressing the plethora of casual inquiries from correspondents on top of meeting the challenges of upgrading 21st century IT demands.  I'm in the process of committing triage there, and so in the future, my main responsiveness will be limited enthusiastically to family, friends, requests to stay with us a Montesueños (when I'm usually available for some chats during your visit) and to ongoing professional activities with my colleagues in the world of saving the rainforest, sustainability, free energy and events, conferences and literature that can make a significant difference in attaining those goals.

So again, I thank those of you supporting my healing and hope you will understand I won't be on the Internet quite as much while I'm recovering.

All best,



Sustainability & Clean Energy - Part 1


Sustainability & Clean Energy - Part 2


April 2010 Update at Montesueños

During the first three months of 2010, Meredith and I experienced a quantum leap of activity. With the addition of the Gaudi-esque Montesueños Towers art studio, a new guest room, a meditation tower with a panoramic view of the Andes and Yamburara valley, and many enhancements to the lush gardens, we can see the potential of Montesueños as a world-class eco-retreat and university for peace, sustainability, the arts and new science. We are also fully equipped for the Internet. We now have about 7000 square feet of space, including an artistic conference-and-dining room for up to 100 guests, and ten bedroom spaces—each with a private bath—and two fully-equipped kitchens in each of the two houses. We thank Virginia Igonda and the Macas family for all their help during this intense move forward.

I myself have felt shot out of a cannon during the last few months. After we hosted housefuls of guests over the holidays, we participated in many videos here and I spoke at the University of Loja, while planning for imminent gatherings on what I call The Ecuador Initiative: the importance of saving the Amazon rainforest and indigenous peoples by developing clean breakthrough technologies, especially in energy, to replace dirty oil drilling, mining and logging practices. Some of those ideas are summarized as follows:

* the clean removal of mercury and refinement of gold in the tailings from mining operations;
* the development of clean breakthrough energy technologies under protection;
* the use of clean fuel technologies and additives such as HHO (Brown’s Gas);
* the cleanup of hydrocarbon waste through the use of biodegradable acid solutions;
* expanded eco-tourism, health tourism and educational tourism;
* the development of exportable jungle medicinal herbs and their safe biotechnical applications, independent of the large pharmaceutical corporations;
* the application of organic, biodynamic and permaculture agricultural methods;
* ecological water purification and recycling through innovative technologies such as Schauberger’s;
* the cultivation of commercial hemp for textiles, paper, oil, rope and construction materials;
* reforestation projects, using funds and know-how from international sources to restore the forests’ former vitality and biodiversity and to employ Ecuadorians seeking work;
* environmental technologies in recycling, waste management, ambient energy, etc.;
* alternative currencies and regional trade integration;
* information technology initiatives; and
* the taxation of real estate profits and the ensure establishment of high ecological standards in for real estate development throughout Ecuador.

Then, on January 27, I celebrated my seventieth birthday amid many more video shoots here. Just after that, we convened an internationasl think tank on innovation. This group of Australian, American and Ecuadorian inventors and visionaries formed a new entity dedicated to the integration of sustainable technologies to give nations like Ecuador (and the entire world) the option to convert from the extraction and export of dirty, non-renewable resources to clean ones such as those listed above. In the process, we believe it will be possible to leave nature and the indigenous peoples alone and gain sovereignty for nations, bioregions and communities in need of preservation and restoration. Once our group becomes more established, you will hear more about what we intend to accomplish. As you can see from the list above, embracing these innovations is a long-term effort that has barely begun. People need to be thinking in these ways rather than in terms of short-term corporate bottom lines and the durations of elective political office. Hopefully, my new appointment as director for Ecuador affairs for the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, affiliated with the United Nations, will help expedite our Ecuador Initiative for innovation.

We then met with Alberto Acosta, the former Ecuadorian energy minister who two years ago headed a constituent assembly that drafted a new constitution which provides for equal rights of nature and of indigenous peoples—an unprecedented measure for any nation. The constitution was ratified by an overwhelming majority of the Ecuadorian people. Acosta was also the first to propose that the oil be left in the ground in one of the most sensitive, biodiverse rainforests on Earth, the ITT block, within Yasuni National Park, if the world community were to match funds with Ecuador in lost potential oil revenues. Mr. Acosta, the environmental groups, and indigenous nations, would be natural allies in our innovation efforts. Also, Representatives from Ecuador have made substantial progress in pledges from some European countries to keep the oil in the ground in Yasuni.

Between March 19 and 23, Montesueños hosted and I co-facilitated with Terry Tillman the workshop Transforming the Dreamer. Thirty-one years ago, Terry facilitated a Lifespring training which changed my life from that of a mainstream physicist at Princeton University to one of stepping outside the box to embrace a new science of consciousness and free energy. This training taught me to let go of my fears of not belonging to the crowd and paved the way to for a new spiritual path and a career of writing and speaking about bold new paradigms for a sustainable future for humankind. Transforming the Dreamer was an experiment in blending experiential education, personal growth, and information about threats to the environment and as well as opportunities to develop sustainable technologies. The experience that fifteen of us in residence here shared proved to be a great learning for each of us. We realized that the challenges of addressing and then transcending personal issues is central to any effort to form an Earth Team of dedicated change agents. We also had an opportunity to take the Pachamama Alliance’s award-winning symposium Awakening the Dreamer, which really focuses upon the vital issues of “redirecting the Queen Mary” to redirect society towards a new course of action that will be necessary to move into a world of authentic sustainability.

During April I will be traveling throughout the U.S. to give some talks (see below) and to visit with relatives, friends and colleagues; and between May 4 and 8, we will be hosting Charles Feil’s Tao of Photography workshop at Montesueños. More updates will be posted soon.

All the best,



Brian's recent talks in the U.S.A.

April 24/25: Keynote to the graduate students in sustainability, Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona.

April 27: Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center, 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Potluck dinner and presentation by a former US astronaut and physics professor who studies and promotes new renewable and abundant energy sources that clean our environment while removing fossil fuels as one of the principal reasons for wars.

Click here to view the photo's

Brian O'Leary

Brian O’Leary, Ph.D. is a scientist-philosopher with fifty years of experience in academic research, teaching and government service in frontier science and energy policy. He was a NASA scientist-astronaut during the Apollo program, the first to be selected for a planned Mars mission, and he participated in unmanned planetary missions as an Ivy League professor.

Over the past four decades, Dr. O'Leary has been an international author, speaker, peace activist, founder of non-profits, and adviser to progressive U.S. Congress members and presidential candidates. His latest book, The Energy Solution Revolution, describes the enormous potential of breakthrough clean energy technologies, their suppression and their logical necessity for our survival.

Dr. O'Leary was recently appointed director of Ecuador affairs for the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, affiliated with the United Nations.  He is now "retired" in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, constructing and opening a new eco-retreat center for peace, sustainability, the arts and new science.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - R. Buckminster Fuller

Dividing Line


These are interesting photos. The first photo shows orbs above me while I was speaking at a conference in Capilla del Monte in Argentina last November. The second photo shows a slide I was showing of an orb in a photo taken during a break in my talk in Zurich, Switzerland last July.

The funny thing is, not only did these orbs appear in both venues, but when I asked for another orb to appear when I was showing the slides, it evidently did appear, as can be seen in the second photo which shows an orb on a slide with another orb live on stage.


More Orbs


2010 Message

Happy New Decade! I have just accepted an invitation to serve as Official Director of Ecuador Affairs for the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, affiliated with the United Nations, effective immediately. I take this position not only as an honor but as an opportunity to take part in a new level of access and education of the great possibilities that lie ahead by transitioning to an renewable energy society both here in Ecuador and worldwide.

Meredith and I have been here in southern Ecudor for more than five years, and the changes have been breathtaking. For several years now, we’ve known our new home and retreat would be bigger than the two of us, and we’re mostly just cooperatiting with how spirit guides us. We somehow feel we’re in the right place doing the right things for the larger issue of preserving nature and creating a new paradigm of sustainability, based in this remote and beautiful outpost in the Andes.

After nearly four years of construction, Montesueños opened its doors with the Phoenix Gathering in June 2008. While the construction continues on into 2010, we have been amazed at the number and quality of guests who have come here, mostly through word-of-mouth and our presentations, websites ( / / and blogs (Dr. Brian O'Leary and Montesueños).

During 2009, we hosted four major conferences, hosted some Round Table meetings and opened our B&B service. We also built and dedicated the Montesueños Towers Center for the Arts which will house Meredith’s new studio. Now that the architecture part of things is slowly winding down, Mer is excited to get back to more painting in her new studio. She also plans to teach art workshops with some on-location excursions to exotic nature sites. Meredith also just completed and unveiled a large original water color, a commission, which is really quite magical, matching the quality of the sacred environment here. The Gaudi-esque architecture of the art center castle include a meditation tower with tranquil, panoramic views of the mountains, village and valley. In all, 2009 was a productive and very, very busy year for us.

For 2010, we plan to continue our B&B service at the same low prices ($35 for a single, $25 per person for a double or twin). We are now taking applications for the rental of the Doves Nest guesthouse at $1000 per week. The guesthouse has five bedrooms, each with a private bath, modern kitchen and Internet connections. We have three more guest bedrooms in the main house—also with private baths. We have four ethernet Internet terminals, and of course, views and garden retreats everywhere.

Our conference programs for 2010 are still in formation to reflect the turbulent times we’re in. As I am sure most of you would agree, the beginnings of our new decade require maximum flexibility in planning the future. Each conference will be unique. For us, the good news is, we have created a place where kindred spirits from all over the world can gather to help bring in the new paradigm. The other news is, sometimes we will not be able to give you much advance notice about events we’ll be having here. We ask for your patience and flexibility in planning your visits, so keep checking our websites and blogs for announcements, developments and essays. But our B&B is open and we are here for most of the year. We foresee the following events happening here during early 2010:

January 27: my seventieth birthday (see comments below)
Feb. 1-5: closed retreat of innovators on the Ecuador Initiative for innovation
March 5-8: Transforming the Dreamer workshop with guest presenter/facilitator Terry Tillman, a world-class transformational educator
May 1-4: The Tao of Photography workshop with Charles Feil

My seventieth birthday literally kicks off a bold new path here. Just after that celebration, we will be hosting international meetings to formulate and promote clean innovations to provide Ecuador and its indigenous peoples with economic sovereignty and economic sustainability. Called the Ecuador Initiative, this long-term project would allow us to replace dirty oil and gas extraction and destructive mining, logging and farming practices with new technologies in energy, mining, agriculture and water management. All this is legally required under Ecuador’s new constitution providing for the rights of nature and of the indigenous people. I’m very excited about this project, even if I may not be here long enough to see all the results. But as I.F. Stone observed, “If you expect to see the final results of your work, you haven’t asked a big enough question.” I am certain that, with dedicated colleagues and ideas, we can create a sustainable future for humanity, and Ecuador can become a crucible for global transformation.

Between March 5th and 8th, we will be taking these efforts to its next step with an unprecedented resident retreat I’ll be co-facilitating with a leading transformational educator and friend of thirty years, Terry Tillman, “Transforming the Dreamer”. In this followup to the popular Awakening the Dreamer symposia offered by the Pachamama Alliance, Terry and I are planning to host a few residents at Montesueños in a three-day intensive designed to become transformational activists willing to step outside the box for sustainable solutions. If you’re interested in taking this unique workshop, let us know as soon as possible, because space may fill up quickly.

“Transforming the Dreamer” and our other 2010 programs, in Meredith’s words, “will gather together with loving intentions, in appreciation of Mother Earth, that each others’ gifts will awaken the sleeping warrior in all of us and send a wave of healing power for change in every particle of the universal dream.”

So…we hope to see you here sometime in 2010!

Best wishes,

Brian and Meredith

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We thank Sean Sullivan for his expert webmastering of this website.

For the Earth, Brian.

P.O.Box 258, Loja, Ecuador.

E-mail : Dr Brian O'Leary


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