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Re-Inheriting the Earth:"Awakening to Sustainable Solutions and Greater Truths". Lecture or workshop :

Lecture: This inspiring and dynamic presentation includes a dismal report on the state of the world, reporting that we are "hitting the wall" on oil, natural gas, water, forests, and food supply, with little time left to reverse the trends. Also discussed are the increasing pollution deaths and disaster relief budgets attributed to global climate change. Dr. O'Leary discusses solutions such as free energy, conventional renewables, the hydrogen economy and hemp as a substitute for wood and paper. Included are powerful quotes from former U.S. presidents warning against misplaced private power from giant corporations. The talk concludes with positive steps citizens could take politically and in expanding the debate to new sciences and technologies based on consciousness and our greater being.

Workshop: Dr. O'Leary and his class will explore more deeply the steps required to awaken to sustainable solutions and greater truths:

The workshop will include much of the material and processes described in Dr. O'Leary's standard workshop "The Second Coming of Science". The purpose is to inspire students to play a role in the transformation of humanity towards a sustainable and spiritual future.

This is also the subject of Dr. O'Leary's new Book.
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The Second Coming of Science, Workshop

Science is going through a major revolution.  Concepts such as free energy, healing and the interaction of our consciousness with the environment are becoming increasingly examined and accepted, and these will become the very cornerstones of a new science.  The resulting technologies will surely assist us in making a global paradigm shift which will help restore Eden to Earth.

This popular workshop has been presented recently at the Esalen Institute, Findhom, Alternatives - London and the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams.

Dr. Brian O'Leary has devoted his last twelve years to exploring, compiling, teaching and writing about new paradigms of science. Participants in this course will have an opportunity to not only become comprised of new theories and experiments, but will also have hands-on experience which will show the incredible power of consciousness. In the workshop we will employ dowsing techniques and will learn how to bend a spoon with the power of the mind.

Toward a New Science of Conciousness, Lecture :

Experiments in quantum physics, psychokinesis, precognition, biocommunications, zero point energy, anomalous experience and healing all point to a new scientific paradigm of consciousness.  The realm of consciousness appears to transcend time and space as well as the four known forces of physics in a mechanistic and objective universe.  The latter may be seen as a limiting case of the new scientific paradigm.  Existing branches of natural, philosophical, psychological and spiritual science are increasingly embracing consciousness as an essential ingredient.  Expanded research and education can empower us to develop technologies that could help bring the Earth back into balance. This is an up-to-date presentation on the latest theories and experiments addressing consciousness, psychokinesis, healing, remote viewing, survival of death, the UFO/ET phenomenon, free energy and Mars anomalies.


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