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Awakening to sustainable solutions and greater truths

by Dr. Brian O'Leary


"The environment desperately needs our help. In this groundbreaking and powerful book, Brian tells us how. He uses his unique credentials and expertise as a physicist, new scientist, author, speaker and energy adviser to bring forward concrete solutions to our global dilemma. He boldly states that we can end the fossil fuel age by converting to a new energy economy, using a mix of hydrogen, solar, wind, cold fusion, and zero point energy options. His words are so easy to read and reflect a rich creative imagination which is welcome in such a serious subject. But Re-Inheriting the Earth is more than a recipe for sustainability. It is a wake-up call for civil action and for developing a new science of consciousness which will surely provide global healing." -Maury Albertson, Ph.D.    Professor of Civil Engineering Colorado State University Co-Founder of the Peace Corps.

"This book speaks for the soul of the Earth. We may still have time to listen." -Obadiah Harris, Ph.D. President, Philosophical Research Society

"Your book is really good-it's an easy read and full of facts." -Brion Black, Environmental Consultant

"Inspiring AND frightening." -Brian Nobbs, Findhorn Foundation, Scotlland

"Excellent! Powerful!" -Roger Hill, Director, Planetary Aid Network, U.K.




"Soaring prices, scarcity, and polluted air makes it glaringly clear that our 'energy policy' needs a major overhaul. The most urgent change we must make, as we move toward a sustainable future, is the energy we use to fuel our economy that depends on an energy that is not sustainable. Oil cannot be manufactured; we can't grow it. It is not renewable. Scientists are telling us we have a fifty-year supply left at the present rate of consumption, maybe less. Whatever we will be forced to do then, we should seriously be moving in that direction now. As a scientist, energy expert, and an outside-the-box thinker, Dr. Brian O'Leary is well-qualified to address clean and renewable solutions to the energy and other environmental problems. He expresses them passionately and thoroughly in this book". -Dennis Weaver, Actor and President, Institute of Ecolonomics

" I just finished reading Re-Inheriting the Earth and was delighted by it. I thought it was a great survey of where we are now and what we have to do to get where we need to go. Above all, your open-mindedness to the possibilities of new science tempered with a healthy, common sense approach is indicative of the global change in attitudes which is already beginning to take place but needs to become more widespread. It also points to huge possibilities, if only humanity will join together to un-lock that potential." -John Bunzl, Director International Simultaneous Policy Org. London, U.K.

"I love your book....You're like the Energizer Bunny--you just keep truckin' along towards positive change. Your book is very engaging and extremely well spoken. I can't imagine how you go on in the face of such widespread insanity. Yesterday's front page of the Times featured an article about Alaskan coastal villages being wiped out by rising sea levels from melting glaciers, etc. I find it difficult to stay positive when confronted by the political pygmies (with apologies to the real pygmies who've lived in harmony with their forest since God began) who are willing to sell the planet for temporary political gain." -Jon Cypher, Actor

"Go for it! This needs to get out! It's too bad our society is so eager to hide the truth. I can see your approach is perfect for your have stirred me to take my book to a whole new level. Thank you for the stimulus. Your Chapter 2 has been grinding at me over and over. It's just what I need to be reading as I write this next chapter on Shielding: Protecting Dreams...I'm so proud of you I could burst. This is truly a great book." -Susan Ford Collins, Author The Joy of Success HarperCollins, 2002

"The book should be required reading for all voters--a masterful analysis for planetary survival and prosperity." -David Crockett Williams President, Global Emergency Alert Response

"You are telling the truth, a truth that few are brave enough to face...excellent work." -Wade Frazier, C.P.A

"Re-Inheriting the Earth is well-written and well-researched. It presents the problems and the solutions to our declining culture. The book effectively weaves these issues with the personal journey. In America these days we want entertainment and escape. Sometimes this book is challenging to read, because it is so true. It's a must read for those who care. We are a global family and not individuals going for themselves. We need to join hands into the solutions. Brian O'Leary skillfully tells us how." -Sally Whiting, Composer and Artist





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